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Getting Solvy Up and Running For Good

Posted on 22 November, 2016 in Alexei Beltyukov

A highly anticipated new learning platform has been launched by a Russian businessman and investor. His name is Alexei Beltyukov. He brings a wealth of investing, management and turnaround experience. Alexei Beltyukov was chosen by the development group behind Solvy to help launch and get Solvy up and running. The software has educators and technology experts buzzing with excitement.

So what is Solvy? What is all the excitement behind it? It is an online learning platform for students at the school level who are studying mathematics. Solvy is unique and different from other online learning software programs. For starters, it allows teachers to assign different problems to each one of their students. Additionally, Solvy allows teachers to assign problems that fit with the interests or goals of the student.

For example, if a student is planning to study chemistry in college, Solvy can generate mathematical problems that are used to solve problems in chemistry. This is how Solvy attempts to bring real life problem solving to an often theoretical subject like mathematics. While one student can be assigned chemistry problems, another student can be assigned finance or money related problems.

This is the beauty of Solvy. It allows for customized problems. This keep students interested and focused on a otherwise difficult and boring subject. There are graphing tools available on Solvy and hints and tips to guide students if they are having problem with an assignment. Teachers also have an easy way to grade assignments. This saves teachers precious time and lets them focus on more important issues such as helping those who are struggling.

About The Man Behind The Launch Of Solvy, Alexei Beltyukov

Alexei Beltyukov is a graduate of the prestigious INSEAD College Of Business in Fountainbleu, France. His major there was business administration. Alexei continues to be involved at INSEAD Collegee, as a resident entrepreneur. He also sponsors one full scholarship to INSEAD every year for a Russian student.

Alexei Beltyukov serves on the board of the Skolkovo Foundation. This is a government organization that supports technological innovation in Russia. He currently works as a managing director and investor at Endemic Capital.

FreedomPop’s Great Business Plans

Posted on 22 November, 2016 in Mobile Services

FreedomPop has a lot of good ideas when it comes to business. This is one of the reasons that it is successful as a carrier. The business plans that it has brought forth has not only gained it the funding it needed to move forward, but it has also granted it more funding to expand as it succeeded. The people behind this carrier have actually come up with something that is very wise. For one thing, it provides people with something that the other carriers do not offer. One thing that it provides people with is free service. This is enough to attract people of all walks to the phone service.

One of the reasons that the free aspect of FreedomPop is a good thing is that they do it in a way that gets people to want to pay for more. This makes for a “try before buy” situation. It has been found that people are more likely to buy something and be satisfied with it if they are given the chance to try it. For one thing, people that try something will learn how it works and therefore be able to make the decision on whether or not it is something that they can use.

Another reason that this is such a great business plan is that like any FreedomPop review says, it offers people 500MB of service. This gives people a small preview of what they can use from the carrier. Therefore, people that use FreedomPop often find themselves glad that they have taken on the service for their own needs. They will get a lot of good service and save a lot of money with FreedomPop. Not only will people who are on a budget be able to enjoy the service, but people who are earning a little more income will also be able to enjoy what FreedomPop has to offer.

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My Rental Properties Look Great Because Of Handy

Posted on 17 November, 2016 in Business

I have many properties that I lease out, but the longer the property is empty, the dirtier it gets. Windows must be cleaned, bugs can gather in the home and die on the floor, and toilets have to be sanitized. There is a lot to do in the rental properties that I have, and I used to have a cleaning company doing the work for me. After the cleaning company didn’t show up for what was the millionth time, I fired all of them and started working with Handy.

When I know that I have a house that needs to be cleaned, I will go right to the website to sign up for their services. I try to get at least a couple workers out there at a time to get the job done faster. I’ve had such great results from Handy workers that it makes me question why I ever used anyone else. The fact is, Handy was unknown to me before a friend suggested that I use them. Funny enough, I had asked that friend if they would be willing to clean my homes for a nice paycheck, but they refused and suggested Handy to me instead.

I’ve never had any Handy worker show up late or not do their job, and they definitely go above and beyond what they need to to get the job done. I get a lot of compliments from my tenants when they move into the homes that I rent to them because it’s so clean. The toilets have been scrubbed, the tubs are clean, the floors are spotless, and the places look like new. Handy has saved me a lot of money and helped me make even more money because of their great cleaning services, so they are definitely the company for me.


Mike Baur and Swiss Start-up Factory is Making Dreams Come True

Posted on 14 November, 2016 in Business, Business Leaders, Business Partnership

With twenty years of experience in the Swiss banking industry, it comes as no surprise that Mike Baur has seen such success with the Swiss Start-up Factory. Founded in 2014, Baur’s enterprise runs three-month long start-up accelerator programs for thriving digital entrepreneurs. They provide a strong network of support from their Zurich-based operation with a global reach.

Visit the site Founder Stories to know more about Mike Baur.

The company’s mission is to “Provide young, talented entrepreneurs in Switzerland a top professional execution platform that guides them through a dedicated & business-driven process tom A to Z with ambitious milestones”.


To achieve that mission, the Swiss Start-up Factory offers a unique platform of services which include mentoring, coaching, and office space, in addition to the support network. Mike Baur is responsible for the fund-raising and financing at the company he founded and co-manages.


This company meets its mission statement by helping start-ups reach their full and profitable potential. The Swiss Start-up Factory doesn’t stop at networking and making office space and conference rooms available. Part of reaching that full potential, Mike believes, is access to accounting and financial advice, such as payroll management, tax and VAT reporting, and financial health reviews. They offer custom packages to suit each start-ups specific needs.


The man behind the company, Mike Baur, has been passionate about the subject of Banking & Finance since he was a teen living in Fribourg. He maintained strong connections to his home region even as he moved up in the Swiss Private Banking industry over the next twenty years of his career. He began as a commercial apprentice and eventually climbed the ladder to become an executive board member at a large Private Bank in Switzerland.


Then, in 2014 he decided to start his own entrepreneurial path. With two partners he started the number one independent and privately financed start-up accelerator in Switzerland: The Swiss Start-up Factory. Mike has given numerous speeches at events all over the world, promoting the small, digital entrepreneurs who would otherwise be unable to find the backing they need to make their own dreams a reality.


Start-ups looking to join the program must first apply and be selected. When each batch of accepted start-ups kick off each quarter, applicants will be given the coaching and mentoring they need to pitch their ideas effectively to investors who are looking to get in on the ground floor with advances in technological thinking.


Adam Goldenberg: Purveryor of Great Decision Making and Great Hiring Practices

Posted on 13 November, 2016 in Business Leaders

Some might have thought that Adam Goldenberg got lucky with his first successful company. Other’s might have even thought that to be true after his second success. Now that his third venture, JustFab, has proven to be hit people have to know that CEO might himself might have something to do with it. The CEO has built a wealth of knowledge from his past success and failures. Goldenberg applies this knowledge to how he runs JustFab every day. He says the two tantamount reasons behind his latest successful venture are his ability to process and use metrics and his ability to hire the right people.


Goldenberg uses metric information better than just about any CEO. This is especially true with his clothing company, JustFAb. JustFab is a VIP membership clothing and fashion company. Customers with the service pay a membership fee and receive steep discounts on different fashion and clothing items for sale through the website.

Goldenberg has no fear when it comes to taking a product off of the shelf that doesn’t seem to be selling well. This may seem like an easy feat. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many CEOs have a problem putting their ego aside to use information for what it’s worth. This may cause them to stick with different marketing platforms and products and Bloomberg much longer than they want or need to. The ability to recognize these trends and react to them will give a company a huge boost when it comes to increasing revenue and diminishing losses. These are both things that investors love. This is probably why JustFab raised over $50 million in funding in 2014 alone.

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The young CEO also recognizes that a company’s employees are its greatest asset. There is no point in having a great product if the team around it is not passionate about it. This is why passion is one of the main traits that Goldenberg looks for in a potential hire. He does not put as much weight in educational background and work experience as some other CEOs at

He thinks that experience is something that can easily be gained by doing the job. He wants to hire individuals that are excited to work for JustFab on These people are much more likely to work hard for the company. It also means that they are more likely to have a great idea that could help develop the future for JustFab.

Labaton Sucharow LLP Pads Resume With $17 Million SEC Whistleblower Award

Posted on 11 November, 2016 in Lawyers

Labaton Sucharow LLP are at it again. The law firm recently announced that it secured the second-largest payout for an SEC whistleblower in the history of the United States. The anonymous whistleblower, working under the protection of Jordan A Thomas and Labaton Sucharow LLP, was awarded $17 million after the federal government levied fines against the whistleblowers public financial institution.

The law firm has a market-leading securities litigation platform and uses it to represent SEC whistleblowers that come forward under the protection of the Dodd Frank act. Labaton Sucharow LLP was the first law firm to specialize exclusively in the protection of SEC whistleblowers under the Dodd Frank act, and they take their job very seriously. That’s why the law firm went out and got Jordan A Thomas to lead the whistleblower protection program.

Mr. Thomas has been specializing in securities and exchange fraud for quite some time. He was a former litigator in the enforcement wing of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The experienced SEC whistleblower attorney also had a hand in crafting the SEC whistleblower protection provisions in the Dodd Frank act itself.

After leaving the SEC, Mr. Thomas was the first SEC whistleblower lawyer to successfully secure an SEC whistleblower payout under the Dodd Frank act. He was also the first lawyer to successfully defend an SEC whistleblower from a confirmed case of retaliation. In both cases, the experienced lawyer used his intimate knowledge of the Dodd Frank act to protect his clients.

And now Mr. Thomas has secured the $17 million payout for the anonymous whistleblower, adding to his resume. And the head of the whistleblower protection program at Labaton Sucharow LLP thinks these kinds of payouts are just the beginning. He believes that the Dodd Frank act is so well-crafted that more whistleblowers will come forward to receive their financial incentive and the protections that the act affords.

SEC whistleblowers are allowed to come forward anonymously while being represented by an experienced lawyer. The Dodd Frank act shields them from any retaliation but the anonymity guarantees protection. The whistleblower is also entitled to a large percentage of the fines levied against their own public financial institution. If they come forward under the rules of the Dodd Frank act, with the guidance of an experienced lawyer, a whistleblower can walk away with up to 30% of the total fines collected so long as those fines exceed $1 million.

Davos Real Estate Group Announces the Launch of a New Real Estate Tool

Posted on 11 November, 2016 in Business Leaders

The Davos Real Estate Group (REG), recently introduced a new mobile app known as “Davos CAP Calculator.” This app has attracted a wide range of clients, and it is expected to aid in estimation of returns in real estate investment. This company is part of Davos Financial Group, the leading financial company in Latin America. Davos Financial Group specializes in the development of investment strategies for its wide range of clients.

Development of “Davos CAP Calculator” was a process that lasted six months. Executive Director, Gerard González, worked closely with Tecknolution; a company that played an instrumental role in developing the app. “Davos CAP Calculator” was designed utilizing the latest technology and is compatible with both Android and iPhone gadgets. According to the pioneers of this product, this is just the beginning, and more apps are underway. These apps will provide real estate information about properties and enable buyers and sellers to communicate effectively.

The idea of creating this app was triggered by the desire to assist investors in the U.S to attain a clear financial understanding and guide them on how to invest. The app will act as a guiding tool that provides necessary financial information required when buying a property. This application also allows people to estimate the rent of a property before paying. It comes with a Mortgage Calculator that links a property to available bank rates to give the full value of property. Aside from the development of the new app, Davos REG has expanded its territories in business by linking up with real estate agents in Spain and Europe. The increase in real estate agents has amplified the company’s sales by 75 percent. The firm has embarked on many projects whose ultimate goal is to provide quality services to its clients. Learn more:

David Osio
David Osio is the founder of Davos Financial Group and is still the company’s executive director. Osio was a student at one of the top universities in Venezuela called Catholic University Andres Bello where he graduated with a law degree. He also studied at IESA specializing in International Banking Law.

Osio began his career in 1981 as an executive of OPED Enterprise, a company involved in the coffee export business. After a while, he moved to Letco Commercial Companies where he held a senior managerial position. In 1984, he joined MGO, a law firm in Caracas. While at MGO, he interacted with clients such as Consolidated Bank and, shortly after, he was promoted to head the Miami-based Banco Latino International. In 1993, Osio decided to form his company Davos Financial Group. Davos is quite charitable and continually donates to charitable organizations such as Miami Symphony Orchestra, UMA Foundation, as well as the Fundana Foundation.

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The Kabbalah Centre and Extremist Traditionalists

Posted on 05 November, 2016 in Education, Religion

One thing that could be said for any religion is that it attracts a lot of the extreme traditionalists. There are those that are found in any religion that will react in ways that are disproportionate to the perceived offense. Often times, the extreme reactions of those people do not come from the true teachings of religion. Instead, they either come from a misunderstanding, a twist, or some kind of tradition that is carried over. The bible has examples of this. Jesus himself has dealt with people that have twisted the word and used it for their own gain of spiritual.

There is one set of teachings that is working very hard to prevent such a perversion of religion. This is Kabbalah Centre. The teachings of the Kabbalah are not only meant to prevent any twist of the words that are taught, but they are also meant to correct any twist on the teachings that have already occurred. Therefore, people will be able to know what the true meaning is of what they are taught if they are able to get a hold of the teachings. However, they have to have been taught a lot about the Kabbalah Centre in order to be able to use it.

It is still not recommended by the traditionalists for the Kabbalah teachings to be granted to the normal every day people. However, there is a lot of interest when it comes to getting a glimpse at the true meaning of what is being taught in other religions. For one thing, people that understand the religious teachings find themselves feeling enlightened about the world and the universe.

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The Election of Andy Wirth as RASC Chairman

Posted on 05 November, 2016 in Flight Promotion, Real Estate Development

Andy Wirth was born in 1963. He currently works in the hotel industry in a mountain resort. Andy Wirth is the current Chief Executive Officer and President of Squaw Valley Holdings. When Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley were combined, they formed the company. It is located in Olympic Valley. Andy Wirth is the grandson to Conrad Wirth.

For over 25 years, Wirth has worked in the hotel industry and mountain resort. In 1986, his career started at Steamboat Spring Resort. He has served in several leadership and marketing positions at the Steamboat Resort & Ski Corporation. In 2007, Andy Wirth was appointed the vice president of Intrawest and its chief marketing officer. Steamboat later acquired the company. In 201, Andy left the company to serve as the Chief Executive Officer and president of Squaw Valley. He took over management from Nancy Cushing.

Andy Wirth has received numerous professional and community service awards including the Reno-Tahoe Airport Boards Authority. He has led the Spring Boat Springs Company leading to his HSMAI top 20 Travel and Hospitality awards in sales and marketing. In 2014, he won the recognition by Disabled Sports as the Citizen of the year in the United States.

Reno-Tahoe Airport Service Authority announced the election of Andy Wirth as the president and chairman of RASC. Mr. Andy Wirth is the president of Squaw Valley Holdings. This is the parent company of Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley Holdings. RASC is responsible for promoting trade and international flights in Lake Tahoe region. The board comprises of the hotel-casino regional properties and tourism in Reno and South Lake Tahoe.

Mr. Wirth is honored to be elected as a member of the steering committee in RASC. He believes that the great opportunity determines the future and landscape of the region. There is plenty of possibilities to expand the service of this committee. Air service continues to grow and remain the central growth elements in the region. For the authority to realize development, Andy Wirth has formulated a plan to have feeder flights from neighboring international flights. He has established a working relationship with the community around RASC to foster development.

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