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Finding Lawyers Has Never Been Easier

Posted on 22 February, 2017 in Lawyers

There are many situations in a person’s life where it may make sense to hire legal representation. Lawyers are needed for many typical life situations, including buying a home, going through a divorce, or any civil or criminal proceeding. Unfortunately, finding a lawyer can be a hard process at times due to the vast array of lawyers available and the little amount of information made public by the attorneys.

However, thanks to a new database, people in New York can now have a much easier time finding the right lawyer to meet their needs. The New York State Bar’s Association has recently unveiled a new online portal that can be used by people that are looking to find a lawyer. The database, which is available 24 hours per day and is constantly updated, will have plenty of information about lawyers that are available and taking new clients. This will include their location, reputation with consumers, and areas of practice.

In order to qualify for the database, the lawyer will have to meet a variety of criteria. This will include being in good standing with the State of New York, having a positive reputation, and have a set and stable practice.

When you are looking for a new lawyer online or otherwise, a great option to choose is Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein is an experienced New York attorney who is currently a partner with Jeremy L Goldstein and Associates.

Jeremy Goldstein can provide you with a number of different valuable services. His firm specializes in providing compensation advisement services to CEOs, businesses, and professional organizations. Prior to formally engaging Jeremy Goldstein, all potential clients will be able to get a full consultation to discuss the case, the legal process, what challenges need to be overcome, and what the potential cost structure could be.

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Bernardo Chua: Why Organo Gold Is Doing Well In The Beverage Market

Posted on 22 February, 2017 in North America

Have you heard about Bernardo Chua before? If you have not, you probably do not know that he is the brains behind the company popularly known as Organo Gold. Organo Gold has its headquarters in Canada and it was founded in 2008. The company, which had started distributing beverages in Asia, decided to expand and start supplying their range of teas and coffees to North America and the rest of the world. Learn more about more Bernardo Chua:

Who is Bernardo Chua?

Bernardo is a business mogul and entrepreneur whose business model has earned him popularity all over the globe. He is an ardent believer in using direct sales to expand one’s business. He is also a marketing professional who turned his business into a huge empire. With his growing companies and businesses all over the world, Bernardo Chua is one of the respected businessmen of his time.

According to The Street, born and raised in the Philippines, Bernardo Chua has his ancestry traced back to China. He uses his Chinese background to manufacture and market products which are both nutritious and healthy.

It is through his Chinese background that he decided to harness the advantages and health benefits of a herb known as ganoderma. The herb, which grows on wood in parts of North America and Asia, has been used by natives of these places for many centuries. Their health benefits cannot be rivaled.

ZoomInfo has it that Bernardo Chua came up with the idea of incorporating the benefits of the herb in teas and coffees. These two beverages are drunk by many people in order to reach a wider customer base, Bernardo decided to use direct sales.

He has his headquarters in Canada but he also has distributors all over the world. The products are manufactured with all the care and love. They are subsequently packages and shipped to various countries all around the world.

For anyone looking for a health tea or coffee to use, Organo Gold is your best bet. The products are beneficial to your overall body health. Since they are all natural, you do not run the risk of having chemicals in your system.

George Soros Made a Strong Comeback with The 2016 Presidential Election

Posted on 19 February, 2017 in Political Advocates

George Soros is one the biggest business magnets and top 30 richest people from the USA. George Soros is the Chairman of Soros Fund Management and an active philanthropist as well as a political activist. He has donated more than $13 billion to numerous social and political causes through the last three decades supporting democracy and access to health and education. Even in 2004 election, he made a massive donation of $27 million to fight against the Bush campaign. George Soros was also the generous donor of Obama campaign as well.

However, Soros has been keeping in quiet for a long while when Bush won the election in 2004 on Forbes. But very recently he made a strong comeback in the political arena when Hillary was running a campaign against Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election. George Soros is a strong supporter of Hillary and has a serious concern regarding Trump. According to Soros, Trump is a conman and an imposter who was running the election for his personal benefits only, and he will force the nation into massive chaos in future. Hence, he made generous denotations in supporting Hillary and the Democratic campaign on

According to a number of sources, George Soros donated $7 million to Priorities USA Action. He also pledged to donate further $3 million to this super PAC that has been supporting Hillary in the election. In addition to this, he also donated $2 million to American Bridge 21st Century, opposition research PAC fighting Trump and another $2 million to America Votes that has been mobilizing voters. In addition to this, he also donated $700,000 to a group of committees, PACs and campaigns supporting the Democratic party on Politico. On top of that, Soros also donated $3 million to Immigrant Voters Win which has been working to increase participation from the Hispanic voters in key swing states. Another of his big contribution of $3 million went to a non-profit Voting Rights Trust which has been fighting against conservative moves to restrict voting. Soros also donated a total of $4.5 to three different PACs which were supporting Senate Majority, Democratic Senate, and Planned Parenthood. Above that, Soros also donated to numerous other organizations which are still not disclosed.

Although Soros and other Democratic supporters tried real hard, they were disappointed to see Trump as the new President. However, Soros is quite concerned with the Trump as he believes that he has built a cabinet with retired generals and incompetent extremists only. He is also worried that Trump drastically the tranquil scenario of the country with his new and irrational initiatives and jeopardize all the positive achievements made by the previous Democratic administration. Hence, he is working along with fellow Democratic supporters through Democracy Alliance that he founded in 2005. They are now having regular meetings and brainstorming sessions to develop strategies on how to deal with new Trump Administration in coming days and safeguard the best interest of the country. According to Soros, with strong resistance from US constitution and institutions, Trump will fail in near future. Hence, he is still going strong with his initiatives against Trump.

Fabletics Dresses For Success

Posted on 17 February, 2017 in Fashion

Active women who want to look great while they are working out (and while on the go at work or in their social lives) have long looked for fashions that could carry them through their entire day. Looking for these fashions used to involve a lengthy day at the shopping mall, trying on pieces until something came together that fit right and flattered. Now that ritual has changed, due to the massive influence of the Internet on our shopping lives.


Today, online shopping is a major way for consumers to shop for fashion. Due to this, e-commerce companies have come forward to satisfy those shoppers’ needs for clothing that looks great and fits right. Right now the fashion e-commerce world is becoming more competitive than ever, especially since now takes 20 percent of the fashion market share online. Add to all this the pressure put on new companies to deliver much more than great fashion, and you’ve got a highly competitive market that’s getting tougher to break through every day.


Fabletics Shows Its Stuff


Right now new companies are expected to offer much more than quality merchandise. They now offer unique brand experiences and last mile service as well. Yes, it’s a lot to ask, but some new e-commerce fashion companies, like Fabletics, are really proving themselves to be winners in this tough market.


Since its launch just three years ago by actress Kate Hudson and her partners, Fabletics has been valued at $250 million. That’s an incredible success story, especially in such a hot market. Fabletics has broken through due to its combination of quality activewear that looks great and has enough versatility to work as clothing for daytime or evenings out. These workout items are also priced affordably, so they are available to a wide range of women.


VIP Service


There’s one other aspect of this company’s success that can’t be ignored. Fabletics offers a monthly VIP service that allows customers to receive a regular selection of clothing (curated by Hudson herself), that’s geared towards that customer’s taste in workout wear. Hudson herself is also an asset to this brand, as her appealing image and athletic lifestyle make her the kind of woman the company’s customers aspire to be.


Add up all these elements and you’ve got a recipe for success, and right now Fabletics is taking it to the bank.

An Overview of Todd Lubar’s Personal and Professional Life

Posted on 09 February, 2017 in Business

Todd Lubar is the TDL Global Ventures, LLC president. He also holds the post of Senior Vice President to Legendary Investments. Todd went studied at Sidwell Friends School based in Washington DC (1977-1987) when he proceeded to high school at The Peddie School in Hightstown , New Jersey. After his high school education, he enrolled at Syracuse University where he graduated with a B.A. in speech communication in 1995.

Work History

After graduation, Todd got his first job with the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He stayed at this firm from 1995-1999. He then joined Legacy Financial group that was based in Arlington Texas. Todd helped in growing the Maryland office to become a production unit raking in numerous 100 million dollars annually in loan volume. He stayed on with the company until 2005 and decided to move on up by accepting to become the senior VP at Charter Funding, a First Magnus Financial Group division, based in Arizona. He worked in the same position until the month of August, 2007.

Going Back to His Roots

At that time, the mortgage industry was undergoing a lot of changes and Todd decided to go back to his roots. He started focusing on acquisition money mortgage inauguration with the Priority Financial Services. Priority Financial Services specializes in assisting home owners and buyers irrespective of their credit rating to get homes. The loan experts work hard to ensure that customers get services in an easy and fast process to enable them start saving to reach their financial goals. As much as Todd has focused primarily on mortgage banking in his career, it did not stop him from investing in other industries. Todd owns a number of companies operating in the Demolition Industry, recycling industry, night club industry and the real estate improvement industry.

Industry Ranking and Experience

Todd Lubar’s name has featured constantly for several years in the top 25 ranking of mortgage originators operating in the country. His vast experience in various industries has equipped him with the necessary skills and knowledge on what makes a business run efficiently, and how to excel in any business environment. Recently, Todd has ventured into another new industry that is focused solely on lending a helping hand to people who are in need.

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Eliminating Traffic In Williamson County

Posted on 07 February, 2017 in Business

It was during the 19th edition of the annual Williamson County Growth Summit that transit experts convened to offer their insights on traffic which is the biggest challenge facing the county of Williamson. Those present in the Summit included Mike Heiligenstein who heads the CTRMA (Central Regional Mobility Authority), Jared Ficklin who works at ArgoDesigns, Joseph Kosper of RideScout LLC, and Leandre Johns who serves as the External Affairs Director at the Uber Technologies Inc. in Texas. This Summit was an excellent opportunity to discuss the transport challenges that are faced by the Austin’s region and how the use of technology has changed the transportation face in the area.


The Growth Summit took place at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center. Mike stated that the issue of modern technologies like apps for ridesharing and vehicles that are driverless could significantly change the transportation infrastructure. He added that it is important that Austin’s region invests more in expanding its transportation capacity by constructing more roads that are also smarter. Mike stated that the region would be serving the mobility demands of its fast expanding population in which majority of its growth is based in the suburbs. He also congratulated the Williamson County for its excellent work in structuring the infrastructure and added that more still needs to be done.


Mr. Ficklin talked about the future parking garage and said that it would be different from the current one. The parking garage will have levels that are just 5ft tall with multiple levels and a charging and service station and different levels. He added that this does not fit in the current building codes and that adjustments need to be done. Leandre Johns from Uber said that commuters in the county require first and last mile solutions that will get them on and off public transit.


Mike Heiligenstein has been serving as the Executive Director at CTRMA since 2003. His career is focused on the development of infrastructure in the region of Central Texas. Mike was appointed as the President of the IBTTA (International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association) in 2014. He serves as a member of the Texas A&M transport Institute Advisory Council. Mike is a graduate of the University of Texas. He has a Master’s degree in Government and Business Administration. He is a member of the Texas Department of Transportation’s Texas Technology Task Force.

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White Shark Media Keeps Generating Online Marketing Features

Posted on 07 February, 2017 in Marketing FImr

White Shark Media is an extraordinary online marketing podium that is in association with other companies. The firm has been mentioned by North America as one of the leading quickest growing marketing firm. The exclusive features it provides enhance the increase of clients. Gary Garth founded the company in 2011, he is also the CEO. The firm helps small and medium-sized organizations to develop.


Ad managements and AdWards are some of the features the company uses in assisting other companies. These features are brilliant because most of the clients advise other people to work with White Shark Media. The success of the company has been great over the years. In 2001 they received an award of Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership. The effort of the company has always been seen by so many including Microsoft, and it has always worked to be the best digital marketing organizations. Some of the techniques of success by the company are having a cost-effective tenacity and a continuous flat fee.


Clients use Google analytics and call tracking feature to manage their campaigns, beginning new campaigns by using old accounts is also possible thanks to White Shark Media. So many clients and firms have told their great stories on how the company has assisted them in developing through their digital marketing services. Real Estate agency, Ecommerce Store, Junk Removal and Women’s Fashion Retailers are few of the companies that have greatly benefited from the services provided by White Shark Media.



Online Marketing remains to be the work of the company after a great transformation. White Shark Media has collaborated with other organizations in the continuous transformation of the marketing industry specifically to increase the AdWords campaigns. The company aims to generate better campaigns so that they can run actively for the benefit of the customers.





Tips for Hiring the Right Event Planner

Posted on 01 February, 2017 in Event Planners

Planning an event, whether an intimate gathering or large function, can be intimidating. The sheer number of details is daunting. To alleviate the pressure and assure the desired result, many people turn to professional event planners.


It is important to hire a company that shares your vision for the event you are planning, and the best will have a gallery of photos to show their work. Twenty Three layers, for example, a New York Based company, has an extensive gallery that not only shows their knowledge of the industry but exhibits their unique style. Browsing a company’s website can tell you if they have a design aesthetic similar to your vision for the event.


When working with an event planning company, it helps to develop a close working relationship with good communication. At the very beginning, you will need to review your budget, venue, theme, menu and logistics for music and speakers. These details should be firmed up at the very beginning to avoid problems down the road.


Once you have worked out all of the details ask your event planner for their total budget. Get a detailed list of costs and fees and review all terms. When approved, sign your contract and don’t forget to review the fine print!


The brochures at the website for Twenty Three layers are good examples of what should be provided by a good planning service. Compare your contract with their website to make sure you have covered all the details now.


Stay in touch with your planner as they work on your event to confirm details and make sure all is going according to plan. You may want to independently check logistics and verify time sensitive details with providers. Minor adjustments as you go along are to be expected, but if they start to become a pattern as opposed to the occasional misunderstanding, don’t be afraid to fire your planner and go to your backup.


If all goes well, your event will be a success and you will have an excellent resource for the future.

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