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Fabletics is Changing the way we Look at Athletic Clothing

Posted on 31 May, 2017 in Fashion

If you’ve been on social media recently, chances are that you’ve seen an advertisement for Fabletics. That’s because Fabletics seems to be taking the fashion industry by storm. Fabletics is a company that specializes in athleisure but it’s not just any athleisure. These clothes are comfortable, stylish, and affordable. They keep up with all the latest trends while having different patterns and styles that set them apart from the competition. Kate Hudson has been doing a fabulous job in marketing her brand. That’s why the brand has kept a steady stream of followers.


Hudson launched her brand using a subscription based service. This allows users to get a different workout outfit each month for a fee. This is great because it’s exactly what millennials crave. They love having something new in the mail each month. It gives them something fresh and something to look forward to. It’s great the Hudson was able to find her niche. Other companies operate in different ways, but Fabletics has seen success with this service. Not to mention, their prices are affordable. This makes them the target of young adults and college-aged students.


Fabletics has branched out and they now operate physical stores. This is great for the company because so many people are nervous about buying something before trying it on. Potential customers can go to a store, try on an outfit, and decide what size fits them best. There are so many different sizing options across the board these days. It’s hard to know which size is which. That’s where physical stores come in. They help to relieve people’s anxiety about buying something they’ve never tried on before.


According to CNBC, Hudson’s fashionable and affordable fitness line has taught her many valuable lessons. For one, Hudson was able to identify a marketing opportunity. She saw there was a need for affordable clothing and that’s where her launch came in. The VIP member prices for Fabletics starts out at $49 a month. It’s an affordable price range for anyone who wants cute styles delivered to them each month. Fabletics is also reaching women of all different sizes. They have a line that goes from sizes XXS to 3X. Overall, Fabletics is really changing the way that many folks look at athleisure. It’s helping people all over the country to see that they can buy into this style and look good no matter what errands they are running.

Honey Birdette Boutiques on the Mission to Expand.

Posted on 23 May, 2017 in Uncategorized

While Honey Birdette is not an ‘all-exclusive’ lingerie-buying destination, it does offer a great collection along with its other fashion and lifestyle products. With its headquarters in Australia, Home Birdette was founded in the year 2006 byEloise Monaghan. The cool thing about Honey Birdette is that they got a great blog that provides shopping guidelines to enlighten you. Besides, here in Honey Birdette you can find products ranging to all prices depending with your pocket. Their delivery system is reliable, fast, and efficient.

Honey Birdette is an ideal destination for all those women who fantasize wearing the sexiest underwear to feel good and comfortable at all times, you will never get enough of their high quality selections. They have classy and flirty boutiques with fabulous décor, and they welcome you with a glass of champagne once you visit their store to buy. Honey Birdette always thrive to develop new collections, and they understand very well that different women are attracted to different types of lingerie. Therefore, Honey Birdette maintains a delightful collection of its products, which includes fancy panties, light padded and non-padded sexy bras, lacy thongs, nightwear, and luxurious bedroom accessories. Once you order from their store rest assured that they will deliver ‘on time’ and their products are 100 percent original.
Recently, Honey Birdette launched its US e-commerce site where the company’s CEO Eloise Monaghan revealed their plan to increase its UK retail portfolio to 40 stores by close of the year 2018; currently, they have three stores in the UK. For the past twelve months the company has experienced an increase in their sales by 374%, and their aim is to reach out for more and more of their customers. Honey Birdette has more of its boutiques in the UK, at Westfield Stratford, Leeds, Newcastle, and Liverpool.

Richard Mirshaan is Revolutionizing Interior Design

Posted on 22 May, 2017 in Uncategorized

Richard Mishaan is a man with rich taste. Which is a valuable quality to have being an interior designer. He has worked in the interior design industry for more than two decades and is known for his expansive touch. His ability to blend styles and elements is something many designers envy. For instance, Mishaan was able to beautifully mix antiquity and modernity in a residence in Cartagena, a port city built in the 16th century. He liked the area so much he decided to renovate another residence and make it a retreat for him, his wife, and children.


A large part of what makes him such a successful interior designer is his insistence on individualizing a client’s home. He makes a real effort to create from his client’s perspective rather than using his entirely. He believes everyone’s home decor should match their individual personality.


Mishaan has also designed interiors for himself in various locations in New York. He’s actually resided in one of the locations for nearly 20 years. It is an apartment in Manhattan that overlooks Central Park. With one visit to Mishaan’s home you’ll be able to tell his rich taste goes beyond just fine furniture and floor tiles. High quality art is peppered through the space, including a table by Guy de Rougement and a stainless-steel piece by Chinese artist Zhan Wang. It can really start to feel like your in a museum when you really take the time to appreciate all the fine art inside.


His design firm, Richard Mishaan Design is constantly changing things around. The designer is never afraid to try something new or scrap everything and completely restart. He uses the apartment for practice for future projects.


Mishaan grew up in Bogota, Columbia, where he spent several winter holidays on the Spanish colonial port on Colombia’s enchanted Caribbean coast. He currently resides in New York.

Take a look at his twitter and feast your eyes on the eye-catching designs and ideas:


Bruce Bent II – Inventor of Money Market Fund

Posted on 18 May, 2017 in Uncategorized

Investing in a financial tool that offers high credit value and easy liquidity is what most of the investors look for. And, money market fund is exactly that. Money market fund is a mutual fund that invests for a short period in commercial paper or different types of cash equivalent fund like the U.S. Treasury Bills. Money market funds are considered as a safe investment choice, though there are risks involved, the risk is considerably much lesser in comparison to other investment options in the market.

For companies and individuals who are looking for better returns than other standard short-term investment options can opt for the money market fund. In the United States, the money market funds are overseen and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The money market fund in the United States invests in only the top rated debt whose investment period is 13 months or less. The best part is that the fund also issues dividends to its investors, which helps in generating greater returns. This fund is considered to be of high quality and has tremendously high liquid value, which helps the investors to feel safe when investing in the money market fund.

Bruce Bent II is  a business entrepreneur and financial expert.  His father is the man behind the money market fund and is attributed to inventing the first ever money market fund in 1970. Bruce Bent II grew up in the financial industry and learned a lot from his father over the years.

Bruce Bent II attended Northeastern University and recieved his Bachelor’s in Science degree in Philosophy. After college, he went on to work in the financial industry where he has helped many companies with cash-related solutions. He now works for Double Rock Corporation where he holds the positions of Vice Chairman of the board and President. Growing up with his father and the financial industry he has become a well-known financial guru whose techniques have been used by many companies.

Fantasy Football Comes Into Focus Following NFL Draft

Posted on 11 May, 2017 in Sports

The 2017 NFL Draft has finally been completed and now sees fantasy sports enthusiasts begin to take a look at which college football stars made the move into the big time of professional sports. Difficult questions must now be asked of fantasy football owners who have to make their own choice of which rookies to draft and which look set to join the long list of football players failing to make the grade at professional level; for most NFL fantasy team owners the perceived good choice for the future of their own fantasy prospects has been to steer clear of rookies, but the success of offensive rookies for Dallas in 2016 has made many look to change their way of looking at their teams for the future.


Looking away from setting an MLB lineup at to make some tough choices on how best to create an NFL roster that will lift any individual to the top of their respective Fantasy Alarm league. There are many winners and losers who have been identified as early as the day after the 2017 NFL draft as some teams look to have made major gains in terms of adding talent, speed, and strength to their rosters for the upcoming season, included in the list of early winners are the Carolina Panthers, Houston Texans, and quite amazingly the Cleveland Browns. In 2017, fantasy owners should have no qualms about adding members of the Browns defense to their roster as the addition of the number one overall pick and other high quality defensive players shows Cleveland may soon be a city teams actually feel nervous about playing in.


As much as it is important to look for the winners in the 2017 draft, it is just as important to identify teams who seem to have failed to address their needs and may struggle in the coming season. The Chicago Bears are classed as a team who could struggle in the coming season after letting their starting quarterback leave in the close season and deciding to replace him with a number two overall pick who should make it easy for fantasy owners to decide against drafting offensive players from the historic Chicago franchise.