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Patty Rocklage

Posted on 27 July, 2017 in Communication Style

Patty Rocklage has been an accomplished marriage and family therapist for over 20 years. Patty prides herself on having a warm communication style and she feels very privileged when she can help couples and families through their struggles.

She graduated in 1981 from the University of Southern California with degrees in psychology. Patty along the years of helping families has gained many skills such as, team building, public speaking, and the way she interacts with her clients.

Patty brings such a warmth when talking, she believes that the warm way she talks is inviting to people and really helps to ease the tension so they can focus on whats important and what changes need to happen for her clients.

Patty is a strong believer in her community, she and her husband Scott Rocklage gave what they call a major gift to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s ( M.I.T. ) chemistry department in 2016 for a big renovation project in the nanotechnology and nanochemistry labs. Along with helping families Patty and her husband have recently remodeled their home using a local contractor.

They didn’t know what the contractor was capable of until they were surprised with a huge renovation. The contractor ended up remodeling a number of rooms, kitchen, entry way, and created a ” farmers porch ” after all of that work they figured they would also add an extra living space. Read more: Pattry Rocklage | Crunchbase and Patty Rocklage | LinkedIn

Patty has been able to do quite a lot within the past year or two. If you have any questions about her or just want to talk you can email her on her website.

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo: A Business-Minded Individual

Posted on 26 July, 2017 in Business-Minded

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo is the CEO of Editorial Televisa. Currently, Televisa is one of the leading business entities in the Spanish-Speaking media industry. The company distributes media content in the United States of America and Mexica. In addition to this, there are other more than 50 countries that have over 20 pay-television brands and networks, operators and other services. Having such a significant market demand for their services, Televisa needs a leader that can ensure efficient operations within the company. Televisa is lucky to be under that leadership of Porfirio Sanchez-Galindo.

Personal Accomplishments before joining Televisa:

Earning the title CEO in any business organization shows that you possess a good record and personal achievements. Porfirio does not only have a good record but also has an extensive list of achievements. Academically, Porfirio provides an impressive list. His involvement in Carnegie Mellon University (Institute of software research) is impressive. In addition to this list, Porfirio has an executive education from Stanford and as well as a Bachelor of Science’s degree in Applied Mathematics from ITAM. All these academic qualifications play a fundamental role in his professional career.

Porfirio and Televisa Today:

Talking of his profession, Porfirio’s academic career has set a platform that enables him to achieve success in areas such as broadcasting, advertising, television, media, and entertainment. Televisa has been able to generate a revenue of about $10 billion through his works and contributions towards that running of the business corporation. The revenue is one of the notable achievements; besides, one cannot stop at that as Porfirio has many more accomplishments in the corporation.

The unmatched leadership skills that he possesses is also amazing. As a CEO, Porfirio can manage more than 10000 employees working around the world. Managing such a large number of people on a global scale requires high and exceptional skills. Porfirio has demonstrated high standards in the management of talent, skills, and professionals in his line of work. With all this under him, it is worth the say that many up and coming business persons should look at Porfirio as their role model in the business world.


Fabletics Continues Expansion

Posted on 24 July, 2017 in Fashion

One of the biggest trends in the fashion industry over the past decade has been the increase use and wearing of athletic gear. Today, athletic gear is worn by both men and women while exercising, but also worn in more casual environments. One of the fastest growing companies in the athletic casual industry is


Fabletics is a fashion company that was first established in 2013. It was co-founded by three individuals, including actress Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson is well known for her roles in a range of major motion pictures, but may have found the most success of her career as a co-owner of Fabletics. Since the brand was announced, she has also been the face of the company and has modeled in many of the advertisements.


Fabletics was first introduced as an online retailer that sold its gear through the company website. They also have an online subscription, which allows a buyer to receive packages of selected outfits in the mail. The user can then choose to buy the clothing or send it back and receive a full refund. While the company started by only providing clothing for women, they did unveil a new men’s line of clothing in the past two years.


While Fabletics started small, they have grown a lot in the past few years. In each of the past three years, they company has seen revenue increase by 35% or more. This is due to the high quality products and more affordable price point than some of the competing brands. It is expected that the company will continue to increase even more in the future.


While it started with an online presence only, the company is now looking to expand into more traditional retail environments. The company has found a few select brick and mortar locations across the United States that has helped to sell the products and continue to promote the brand. While it has been a successful strategy for Fabletics, it is different than the current retail trend that has seen traditional retailers close stores and then operate more online.


Due to the continued improvement in sales and market presence, the company is seeing a lot of interest from investors. While it is only three years old, the company now is valued at more than $250 million. It remains to be seen whether the company will sell or raise more equity to continue the expansion.

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Bob Reina: This Is How A CEO Should Behave

Posted on 21 July, 2017 in Uncategorized

When it comes to Bob Reina of Talk Fusion, a lot of other CEO’s could learn a thing or two from him in terms of how to manage people and how to conduct themselves. Throughout his entire career and his life, he has always done things with class. That means something in today’s business world. He takes pride in that fact, and it will not change as long as he is around. Even though he is the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, he is quick to listen to each and every single person’s idea they might have. He is not looking for all of the praise and attention to come his way. He knows that things work best when the company is making the news in a positive light.


Talk Fusion has always made the news for good things such as Bob Reina’s record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He saved a lot of animal lives and really made a difference. When he makes money or the company makes money, he wants to spread that wealth around and put it towards good things in the community. He knows there are a lot of great causes that truly need help and if he can make a difference, he will step up to the plate, each and every time. Learn more:


With Talk Fusion, he is making a huge difference in the lives of the people that use the product as it has given them something they thought was lost: a new opportunity. When people get an opportunity, they are truly blessed since they were under the impression that things were never going to change. Talk Fusion has video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. All of these help people get their stay-at-home business up and running. More than that, it lets people know they exist and they are out there through branding. Learn more:


For many people, this is all new, but Talk Fusion enjoys walking their customers through it and showing them the ropes on how to get it done properly so they can have freedom once again in their lives. Learn more:


Logan Stout: The Business Man Following His Sports Dreams

Posted on 14 July, 2017 in Business Leaders

Logan Stout is an entrepreneur who has taken his love for sports and transformed it into a huge business. He is mainly known in the baseball community, as he is the owner of one of the major baseball teams, the Dallas Patriots. Logan Stout has always been a sports person, ever since he was young. When he was looking at a viable career path, he only saw himself doing something for sports. With this in mind, he decided to capitalize on the best opportunity he had in the field of sports, to make a name for himself. He has also founded numerous other companies in a variety of sectors.

When Logan Stout was younger, he was extremely active and played numerous different sports. More of his time was spent out on the field than anywhere else. He played for his school’s sports teams and took parts in numerous sporting competitions. But it wasn’t only sporting that Logan Stout was good at the time, he was also good at his academics. He stood out as a student who excelled at almost everything that he put his mind to, which is a quality which has helped him become as successful as he is today.

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Baseball has always been his sport of choice, even though he played a large variety of them. Since he was in school, he has always been an active member of the school baseball team and even went on to compete in big events. When he was a student at Pearce college too, he was a part of their baseball team. At the time he was pursuing a degree in business administration, but also got an additional degree in psychology.

Logan Stout has always believed that sports are something that people should encourage their children to take up more and more. The reason he decided to found the Dallas Patriots was because he wanted to give young baseball players a platform they could work hard on and become better with. The team is extremely welcoming to new talent and goes the extra mile to groom them to be the best sportsmen that they can be so that they can perform well on the field.

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