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Hussain Sajwani’s Success in Business Relations

Posted on 31 October, 2017 in Business Leaders

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of DAMAC properties. Before founding this company, he engaged in expansion of property market in Dubai where he established many hotels to cater for the growing mass of people coming into Dubai for trade and business. He later embraced a market opportunity of creating DAMAC. DAMAC Properties is involved in property development that has partnered with other companies like The Trump Organization, Versace, and Fendi which are all forces directed to the creation of more fashion and lifestyle to the market.


Hussein Sajwani has maintained healthy business relationships with prominent people in the world of business. For instance, he has had good relations with President Donald Trump way before his election. Trump has on several occasions mentioned Sajwani’s family as amazing people. Through the relationship, they have worked on the Tiger Woods-designed golf course under the management of the Trump organization.


However, the Donald trump after being elected to the office chose to maintain a low profile in real estate development business which he left behind to his children to handle. His daughter Ivanka has therefore continued to keep close business deals with Hussain Sajwani.This interaction means that Trump’s relations with Sajwani family will, thus, remain strong as it was initially.


DAMAC Properties is a company with its headquarters in Dubai, the Middle East that was founded in 1976 to run real estate, engineering, construction & architecture developments. The company engages in all aspects that pertain to real estate developments by focusing on changes that technology brings forth. It also extends its expansions to food business which reflects the first activity that Hussain Sajwani engaged.


DAMAC Properties made immense efforts to provide food during the 1991 Iraq war to US militants. It catered to all Americans in the world together with other American companies like the Bechtel. The company also has practiced philanthropic deeds as a way of giving back to the society.


DAMAC owner gave out a donation to a campaign directed towards charitable events for the deprived children in the world. Hussain Sajwani gave out contribution to show support for the government efforts of improving standards of living around the globe. More than 50,000 children were meant to benefit from the money that this company contributed which was a massive support to the campaign.


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Former Ambassador Daniel Taub and His Tenure

Posted on 19 October, 2017 in Entrepreneur

The former Israeli ambassador to Britain is Mr. Daniel Taub hose tenure was highly successful. During the four years of which Mr. Daniel Taub was at the position, he helped bring about a vast number of positive changes and various improvements. Read more: Daniel Taub | About and  Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Mr. Daniel Taub started his four years of tenure back in June 2011. Bt the end of that time, Mr. Daniel Taub had managed to strengthen the relations between the United Kingdom and Israel in many significant ways. The two countries are stronger bonds in terms of education and culture, as well as business and trade.

In fact, the trade between the two nations doubled, and more than three hundred Israeli enterprises opened offices in the United Kingdom. These achievements did not go unnoticed as Mr. Daniel Taub was repeatedly recognized for them during and after his tenure of four years.

Mr. Daniel Taub was born and raised in England where he was a part of an Israeli community. Over the course of his life, Mr. Daniel Taub became actively involved in community work. He later traveled to Israel where he occupied several positions. He was in the military and he then also worked in office.

One of his jobs was as a peace negotiator. Mr. Daniel Taub was recognized for his negotiation skills, and so he was one of the leading voices in the peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine. Mr. Daniel Taub worked together with a Palestinian counterpart. They had the assignment to travel to Northern Ireland where they would learn about peace and other cultural examples they could take back home.

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One of the many examples of Mr. Daniel Taub and his work towards strengthening the cultural connection is found in the situation in Bradford city. The city was proclaimed as an ”Israel-free zone” by one of the official George Galloway. He made some bold statements about Israeli people using words such as ”savages”, ”barbarous” and many others. Mr. Daniel Taub, however, was not phased by his outrageous speech as he had heard it all before at one point or another.

At a later point, Mr. Daniel Taub even visited the city of Bradford. He had received invitations from the church, the city hall, and several others. While many thought that the speech that George Galloway had mane also applied to the citizens of Bradford, Mr. Daniel Taub found out that the case was quite the opposite. The citizens were extremely welcoming.

The Equifax Security Breach and Freedom Debt Relief

Posted on 16 October, 2017 in Business

Earlier in the year, Equifax, which is one of the three U.S. credit monitoring bureaus was able to be hacked by hackers which left nearly half of the country exposed to theft since social security numbers addresses, birthdays and more personal information exposed in the process. This is the type of stuff that credit and loan decisions come from. There are ways for someone to protect themselves from situations like this, one of those is by registering for free credit monitoring and protection. For those who would like to sign up for this service, they have until November 21 to sign up for free credit monitoring and to be able to put a freeze on their Equifax report so that creditors would not be able to have access to it. Another way is by reviewing your credit report. By law each person is able to review a copy of each of the three major credit bureaus per year. Reviewing your accounts frequently is another effective way to help prevent theft and fraud because by doing this it will help someone notice if there are any unauthorized activity that shows up on their accounts. If a person does come across some suspicious activity on their accounts, reporting it immediately will help so that you have the ability to dispute the charges and so that you will be able to freeze or cancel the credit card immediately.

Freedom Debt Relief is a U.S. debt resolution company based out of San Mateo California. It is part of the Freedom Financial Network, which is also a financial service company headquartered in San Mateo. The company was founded in 2002 by Co-Founders and CEOs Brad Stroh and Andrew Housser who are both Stanford Graduate School of Business graduates. Freedom Financial Network negotiates for those who are in debt that are experiencing financial hardship while trying to help them avoid filing for bankruptcy. The company has enrolled over 400,000 clients since it began in 2002 and has reached the $7 billion mark for debts they have been able to resolve for their customers.Click here to watch video.

Jim Larkin: The Legendary Labor Organizer and Activist behind the Growth of Labor Activism in the Early 20th Century

Posted on 16 October, 2017 in Activism

The Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU) was inarguably the biggest labor activism organization in Europe in the early 20th century. Behind the success of this organization was a Liverpool-born labor activist by the name James Larkin.

He led ITGWU with courage and determination for seven years until it collapsed in 1914 in the wake of Dublin Lockout. In fear of being deported, he left Europe for the United States immediately the organization went down.

Jim’s Early Life

Jim was born in the year 1974 to Irish parents and started activism as young man. His parents were not well-off, and all they could afford is life in the slums of Liverpool. Due to the financial instability at his home, Jim was not privileged to acquire quality education and that basically sieved him out of the formal sector jobs.

Even with that disadvantage, he had to do something to support his family; he had to start doing any job that came his way as early as in his teenage years. Eventually, in the early 20th century, Jim landed a foreman job at the docks in Liverpool and later joined the National Union of Dock Laborers (NUDL).

The Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union

As a member of NUDL, Jim Larkin was always pushing for better remuneration and treatment of dock workers; he believed that workers deserved better than the employer was offering. Upon seeing the threat Larkin posed to them, the dock management in Liverpool made a decision to get him out of town. In 1907, Jim was transferred to Dublin.

At Dublin, Jim’s activism spirit became even more pronounced and before long, he established ITGWU. Read more: James Larkin | Biography

The organization received overwhelming reception and support from Irish workers who pledged their support. After sometime, the ITGWU metamorphosed into the Irish Labor Party that attracted a membership of more than 100,000 Irish workers.

Jim Larkin later organized for a mega strike that crippled operations in different sectors for a record eight months; no member of the Irish Labor Party was working for the entire period. At the end of it all, the workers were given improved working and remuneration terms by their respective employers.

Post World War I

Fast forward to the World War 1 of 1914 where Jim Larkin opposed and vowed to fight the British. He organized for a series of demonstrations to that effect and even sought for assistance from the United States.

One thing led to another and he was deported to his native country- Ireland. He continued with his activism until he died in 1947.

OSI Industries Embraces An Ambitious Global Expansion Strategy

Posted on 13 October, 2017 in Entrepreneur, OSI Group

In the past three years, OSI Industries has been busy working on a plan to expand into other markets and reinforce its presence in the local market. A lot of activities have graced this ambitious decision, and amid the activities have been acquisitions executed to take over other businesses both locally and in overseas markets. The top management of OSI Industries in its wisdom decided instead of coming up with new businesses entirely, they would expand by acquiring others that are already established then patching them up to perform better and become an authority in their local markets.

To start executing this plan, OSI Industries located expansion opportunities locally and the first to come their way was Tyson Foods, which the company bought at $7.4 million. Tyson Foods has been offering different products including beef items, pork items, vegetables, hot dogs, and bacon. OSI Industries acquired the company at a time its performance was not at its best, and immediately they embarked on a project to revive it, which seems to have started to flourish.

Entering Europe

The next project after dealing with local expansion is going to markets outside America. Europe was the starting point identified, and to get there OSI Industries acquired Flagship Europe, a company that offers several products including sauces and dressings, frozen poultry, sandwich fillings, marinades, and dips. This acquisition is believed to create a broader presence in Europe since Flagship Europe runs a number of subsidiaries. In addition to the acquisition of Flagship Europe, OSI Industries went for Baho Food, which also controls a number of subsidiaries in 18 European countries.

When OSI took over Baho, it also got the benefit of retaining the top management and its managing director as well as employees. The company has been working to reach its new targets of building a broader product portfolio that would also include reaching new customers. Most of the projects launched in the expansionary strategy are returning positive results and OSI Industries foresees a growth that will place the company in the map as a globally completive player in the food industry.

More about OSI Industries

Founded as a food processing company over a century ago, OSI Industries is now among the most established food processing and distribution companies in America and across the world. Its quest for a top status has seen the company embark on a project that is helping it grow into other markets.

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The 7 New Kitchen Cabinet Trends with Siteline Cabinetry

Posted on 11 October, 2017 in architecture, storage, technology

The 7 popular trends of 2016 in kitchen cabinetry have been listed on the blog run by Siteline Cabinetry, a custom kitchen cabinet and storage area manufacturer owned by the Corsi Group. Those trends are as follows:

  1. Personalized cabinets: Home owners are becoming more creative when it comes to combining colors, materials and surface finishes for their kitchen cabinets, and cabinet manufacturers and suppliers like Siteline Cabinetry have taken customers’ designs into consideration while building them and expand the range of cabinet features made available to consumers.
  2. Shaker style: New innovations have been seen throughout 2016 in the shaker style cabinet, so it is no longer just a plain, boring five-piece door with a recessed center panel. There is a lot more room for improvement and adjustment with the otherwise simple design that has been built and sold for decades.
  3. Neutral colors: White cabinets still remain a popular choice for many, but other colors which are along the neutral line that are neither too dark nor too bright, for example grey, are taking over from the traditional color of choice.
  4. Horizontal cabinetry: While vertical cabinets were and still are very common in kitchens, horizontal cabinets have been picking up an increasing share of cabinet sales in 2016, thanks to the refined look they bring to the kitchen along with easier access to the jars inside, since the need to stack cabinets on top of each other is vanishing with the wider storage they provide.
  5. High tech add-ons: Next generation home owners are coming up with more innovative ideas every day to combine technology with the kitchen surroundings, such as installing embedded charging stations in their cabinets. These new ideas are encouraging cabinet manufacturers like Siteline to think from a more advanced technological perspective.
  6. Functional design: Not only are cabinets expected to look and feel good in this day and age, but they are also expected to have greater functionality in order to fulfill storage and organizational requirements of home owners.
  7. Subtlety in design: Clean lines are becoming the norm in kitchen cabinetry as they provide flexibility in case a future upgrade becomes necessary.

How one small school is making waves as champions of competitive rowing

Posted on 09 October, 2017 in Education, School

Compared to most schools in Oregon, Oregon coast College may not be well known for their football or basketball programs, but if there’s one area that they excel in it is in competitive rowing. The team is once again off to nationals where it will compete against college teams from across the country in Gainesville, GA.


With throwing being one of the few purely amateur sports left, it is impressive to see just how far these competitors will go to compete against themselves. They don’t chase the dream of a seven-figure contract in the professional leagues, they only seek to challenge themselves in the teammates to be the best that they can be.


This little-known team 9 is Guided by assistant coach Steve Morris, who will trainees man how to act as a single cohesive unit. For them the sport is more about power and tempo, it’s a matter of being perfectly in sync with one another, willing to cover each other’s weaknesses and provide constructive criticism whenever possible.


While it may not get as much Glory as other sports, this legendary rowing program has produced some impressive stars who say the experience benefit them greatly. One such example is the head coach of Stanford University Craig Amerkhanian. He said that “OCC was the springboard I needed to get to the next level, academically, athletically and professionally.”


This message a personal growth and team cohesion is the bedrock of head coach Cameron Brown’s ideology. He believes that young man can grow physically and mentally by working together in such a precise manner. He went on record to say “You’ve got eight moving parts and everyone has to work together. It’s not just the physical development, but the mental maturation as well.”


The team is now chasing the 12th national title, something absolutely impressive for such a small school. Oregon Coast College clearly represents the best of men and can teach the strongest competitors how to become more than a single player. Thanks to this rowing program these men will continue to compete grow and impress us all once they leave school and enter the working world. Learn more:


The Trabuco: It’s History And Use In Modern Times

Posted on 03 October, 2017 in Old Weapon

The trabuco is also known as a trebuchet. This weapon of war was first invented by the Chinese. It was used during siege warfare or as artillary weapon against enemies. As a matter of fact, the trebuchet helped to develop modern artillary tactics that armies used during World War I and II. The following information will provide a general history of the trabuco and its use in modern times.

The trabuco first appeared in China in 400 B.C on The weapon was probably invented long before it showed up in historical records. However, 400 B.C. Was the year that it was first mentioned in a philosophical book known as the Mohjing. The weapon remained in China for many years. Various Chinese armies used it against each other in warfare.

The trabuco is a sling weapon. It has the ability to hurl objects great distances due to the mechanical energy that it uses to make a swinging motion. There are different size trabucos but most of them were large weapons that took 45 to 60 men to operate. Armies who used these artillary pieces had to have large numbers of soldiers to man them. Military units that did not have the manpower, utilized local villagers or volunteers from their area to operate the trabucos based on

A nomadic group from the land of Russia eventually brought the trabuco into Europe. They were known as the Avars and they encountered the Chinese in warfare along the northern borders of their empire. Once the trabuco was brought into Europe, it slowly changed warfare on the continent. Kingdoms could lay siege to other kingdoms and cities by using this weapon. In time, the trabuco helped to establish artillar warfare. Also, standard artillary tactics were created during this era. They are still in use today.

The trabuco was in use until the 15th century according to By that time, many modern armies abandoned this weapon for cannons and gunpowder. Currently, trabucos are used at pumpkin chucking contests around the U.S. And in some parts of Europe. Trabucos are used by teams to see how far they can sling a pumpkin. This is a fun activity that usually takes place during the fall season.

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Tony Petrello’s Philanthrophic Nature And Successful Career

Posted on 02 October, 2017 in Business, Business Leaders

Nabors Industries is an enterprise that has been on the quest to establish itself as a world leader in oil and natural gas exploration. The company has been undertaking this activity for a very long time such that it has been able to adopt the best technology used in oil exploration. Initially, the company was known as Anglo Energy, however, in the course of time and under the guidance of different managers, the company ended up being renamed to Nabors Industries Ltd.

Various onshore and offshore drilling operations have been undertaken by the corporation, and it boasts of being able to find the precious commodity in regions of the world where other companies cannot venture. Nabors Industries has explored regions such as Africa, the Middle East, and the Far East. Since the establishment of the organization in 1968, and even when different directors took over management of the company’s operations, no much success was experienced, and as a result, very little was known about the drilling firm.

However, when Anthony G. Petrello was appointed to the managerial position, the organization became very prolific, and its services became highly demanded in different regions of the world. Nabors Industries does not associate itself with the oil refinery business, but it is only contracted by other companies to help in finding oil and natural gas. Tony took over the management mantle in 2012, and for sure, the company has continually been expanding since then.

Anthony G Petrello, on the other hand, is associated with a unique character that is not easily found in most people and that is his philanthropic nature. Anthony G Petrello has given out a lot of finance to the less fortunate in the society, and the peak of his philanthropy became evident when he offered over $5 million that was meant to help in financing research for cure of the deadly Periventricular Leukomalacia. Such an undertaking has contributed to creating a positive image for Tony Petrello, and it was also motivated by the fact that his daughter Carena Petrello suffers from the same complication.

To successfully give out such huge amount as a donation, one must be earning quite a huge sum of money, and that applies for Tony Petrello. In 2015, Tony was estimated to have received a total of $ 27,123,939. Tony holds different managerial positions in various organizations, and the financial reward that he gets is as a result of his hard work. Such companies include Hilcorp Energy Company and Texas Children’s Hospital.

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Treat Your Dog’s Taste Buds with Healthy Beneful Dog Food from Walmart!

Posted on 02 October, 2017 in Animal Care, Dog Food

Your dog is a member of your family. Treat him or her with a bag of Purina Beneful dog food, available at Wal-Mart stores nationwide, or from Wal-Mart’s online site. This dog food comes in a variety of flavors and package-sizes so that you can find just the right taste for your furry friend. Purina’s line of Beneful healthful dog food is a recommended choice for owners concerned with keeping their dogs in good health and maintaining healthy weight gain/loss because health shouldn’t sacrifice taste, especially for our lovable pets.

Prices are affordable, starting at as low as $13.99 for a 15.5lb bag of dry food. BenefulWalmart dog food comes in wet flavors as well, such as this variety pack. If you’re the type of person who likes to make fewer trips to the store, there is a 40lb bag available for $70.13. Most of the dog food comes in the chicken flavor, but the wet medley package has a few others. Wal-Mart’s online site does not carry the salmon flavor of the healthy weight dog food, so your best bet of finding it is to check your local Wal-Mart retailer.

To allow you to save some extra money, coupons for the products are available on Beneful’s website. If you want to wait for Wal-Mart to rollback their prices on the food, your best bet is to wait until Wednesdays, 12:01 am PT. Wal-Mart usually leaves prices rolled back for 90 days, but not all products will be included in the rollbacks. Specials on the Beneful dog food usually save you a few dollars on the purchase.

Why wait? Your dog is waiting for a healthy, yet tasty option to help stay in good shape and maintain weight. Pick-up Purina’s Beneful dog food at a Wal-Mart near you.