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Beauty of Speed of A/B Testing

Posted on 29 December, 2017 in Artificial Intelligence

A/B Testing is basically important for your website and getting your customers to come over to your website over and over again.

This is extremely important to use A/B Testing to make sure that your website layout remains consistent and relevant.

When you don’t use A/B Testing on your website, your website starts looking old and outdated. Psychological behaviors online also start to change and because of that, people stop going to your website as often as they used to.

A/B Testing allows you to stay up-to-date with attracting your visitors to your website.

Why Can’t I Use Manual A/B Testing

Doing manual A/B testing is acceptable for your business. This is especially true if you are running a services agency and your clients are someone that you know by name.

For a situation like that, it would be sense to use A/B testing for that type of business.

However, if you are using a different business model like running a retail website where you have thousands of different buyer personas coming to your website, then it would help to outsource your A/B Testing to artificial intelligence.

With technologies such as heatmaps, artificial intelligence can consistently transform the amount of people who are coming to your website in order to buy from you.

With thousands and thousands of different people coming over to your website to buy items, it would make extreme sense to ensure that A/B Testing can be done through A/B Testing.

The Beauty of Speed

Of course, you can use A.I A/B Testing when it comes to develop your website or app to raise conversion rates for your business in regards to acquiring e-mail signatures onto your list, getting people to invest into a crowdfunding event or even a contest.

The reason why A.I. is important for A/B Testing because it speeds up the time and time, in this day and age, is essential.

Why Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Set Up The Frontera Fund

Posted on 22 December, 2017 in Activism, Business

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was set up by two former journalists, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. They set it up with a $3.75 million settlement they were awarded in their lawsuit against Maricopa County in Arizona. The Frontera Fund provides financial support to nonprofits that address human rights concerns, including the rights of migrants in the United States.

It was on 10-18-2007 that both Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were woken up in their respective homes by police officers. The police officers had been sent by the notorious former Sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio. The reason why they were arrested in the middle of the night and place in jail was because the Sheriff wanted to get obtain notes they each had. These notes were about grand jury proceedings that involved the Sheriff.

Of even more concern was that the grand jury proceedings that these two journalists had notes about wanted to know the name of every person who had read one of their articles that had been published in the New Times. Being reporters, both Larkin and Lacey were well acquainted with defending their first amendment rights and so they sued the county over their mistreatment.

After Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey’s case went all the way up to to the ninth court United States Court of Appeals, they prevailed in their case against the county. In order to help others defend their rights they set up the Frontera Fund with their settlement money so that those who can’t defend themselves have access to those that can help.

In addition to providing financial support to human rights organizations, the Frontera Fund also has a website that is designed to keep people informed about issues involving immigration, human rights, and what is going on politically. They have a whole section dedicated to keeping a watch on Donald Trump, called Trump Watch.

The articles in this section cover such things as the fact that Joe Arpaio is now actually considering running for a seat in the United States Senate. Other articles discuss DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) which had been a program that protected young people who had been brought across the border while they were just children.

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Ted Bauman Weighs On The Impact Of Hard-Forking The Bitcoin Technology

Posted on 13 December, 2017 in Entrepreneur

Ted Bauman has been registered as a Banyan Hill Publisher for the past four years. He’s a regular feature of the Alpha Stock Alert, and The Bauman Letter financial investment newsletters. Ted is on record as having outperformed the S&P 500 index for more than ten times in his career.

Ted’s breadth of experience in building successful companies has made him an authority in matters on, retirement investment planning, and wealth management and in recent times, cryptocurrencies. Ted Bauman recently penned an insightful piece on how investors ought to approach the bitcoin revolution taking place today. Here’s a recap of that post.

Bitcoin Vs Visa

Ted Bauman starts by highlighting a major flaw that user’s face with bitcoins. The accomplished investor paints an image of a bitcoin user in the year 2020 who has to wait an entire four minutes to finally receive a payment confirmation phone alert. Ted acknowledges that bitcoins are extremely safe and secure for end-users thanks to their unique decentralized approach on The fact that bitcoins exist in millions of anonymous computer networks all over the web, makes it nearly impossible for the government to track and manipulate everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency, bitcoin.

Terrible Delays

Ted Bauman’s actually delved into the poignant concern of bitcoin mining in the Bauman Letter. The entrepreneur reminds the reader of just how costly and time-consuming it is to mine a single bitcoin. The mining process must be completed for the bitcoin transaction to be successful. It takes around 6.5 seconds to mint a new coin. A typical bitcoin transaction takes roughly 10 minutes to complete.

That’s in stark contrast with the mind-blowing transaction processing speeds of alternative payment firms like Visa. The latter has the capacity to complete an estimated 24,000 transactions per second and it currently processes up to 150M transactions, daily.


According to Bauman, if bitcoin fails to address the lengthy transaction times, it is indeed headed for utter disaster as an emerging currency. Consumers will still clamor for Visa services for speed and convenience’s sake according to Ted advises for the founders of bitcoin to either increase the sizes of their bitcoin mining blocks or reduce the data found on a single bitcoin.


In fact, many miners are nowadays adopting the SegWit2X technology to help speed up the transaction rates by halving the data in every bitcoin block. That approach, however, introduces new flaws and vulnerabilities in the bitcoin transaction. Ted believes that the only thing that can save this crypto is by initiating a hard fork. Hard forking involves creating a new bitcoin blockchain that has an increased block size allocation of 8MBs. After the hard fork, bitcoins will then be traded as Bitcoin Cash.

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