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American Institute of Architects

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     It is a company in the United States. It has many architects who work together for it to be successful. The America Institute of Architects offers training and also talks to the public in general so that their organization can remain favorable to the eyes of the people. The leader is Robert Ivy who is also the CEO of the institution. Below is more information about the company.

History of the Company

It was started in New York City in 1857 by a particular group of architects who wanted to see into the excellence of architecture. They met again on February 23, 1857, and they agreed to welcome sixteen other famous architects. They then prepared a constitution and regulations on March 10, 1857, namely New York society of architects where later one of them recommended the name America Institute of Architects. They continued to meet till it was a big company. Today there is a building where architects meet to practice their talent every day.

How It Educates

The organization tries to achieve what people require by making it known to the public how the benefits of architecture and the advantages of designing. They also choose the architects with the best design, and they award them. They are also made known to the public. This way, the mood for competition comes in, and those who are interested in architecture work harder to emerge, winners, the next time.



The CEO Robert Ivy is the leader. Then, it is run by a board of directors and has more than two hundred employees who work every day in every week. Robert Ivy who is also their vice president makes sure that everything is in order, so the company continues growing high as the years pass. He is well known by the public because he describes architecture so well to people so that they understand it. He works very hard to make the company appear educative in the eyes of the people.

In conclusion, the America Institute of architects has tried its best to promote the talent of designers. The institution has worked for many years, and it is always educating the public on the importance of being an architect. It does this to ensure that those who are interested in designing do not give up but instead they get a chance to show how good they can be. It has helped many talented architects to exhibit their skills.


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