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BENEFUL® Dog Food Keeps Your Dog Playing Longer And Much Happier

Posted on 21 June, 2016 in Dog Food Products

Nestle® Purinastore Petcare‘s BENEFUL® Healthy Weight raises the bar on dog food. You will get the satisfaction of knowing your dog gets 100% nutrition with keeping 10% fewer calories than BENEFUL® Originals with beef. Your dog won’t even know they are on a diet. Made with farm raised chicken, whole grains with the yummy accent of apples, carrots and green beans. Keeping your dog within the required weight is important for their health. Going for slow walks will help you both.
BENEFUL® Original dry dog food with real farm raised chicken. Your furry friend will eat heartily. It is mixed with the wholesome grains and accented with rice,carrots, peas,and barley for that gracious taste of homemade. The BENEFUL® Original dry dog food also comes with other flavors like real salmon and last but first for every dogs favorite, real beef. Available on Wal-Mart on resealable containers. Dogs just love a certain flavor more than others, just like we do. They’re picky on occasion and maybe trying a new flavor will solve that issue.

BENEFUL® Healthy Puppy gives your new family member all the nutrition and vitamins needed. It has real chicken with whole grains and accents of peas and carrots. Puppies need lots of love, but also needs food that supplements his unending energy. You have that with Healthy Puppy dry dog food. Watch out though, they will have energy to keep you busy.

BENEFUL® Dry Dog Food Playful Life gives your pooch that added energy to keep up with the kids. It’s 100% full of nutrition and enriched with beef, eggs and whole grains with bits of blueberries and spinach. Your adult dog will enjoy the energy and you’ll enjoy watching him play again. You’ve always heard that old saying that “My dogs not spoiled, I’m just well trained”.

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