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Biker Jeans Are Blending Into Mainstream Fashion

Posted on 21 April, 2016 in Online Business News

According to a new article by Vogue, biker jeans are coming into fashion. The article explained that previously biker jeans were seen as bulky and for only utility purposes. However, now because of a few new brands coming out, biker jeans are being looked at differently. The article on Pinterest credited this move to female bikers who were tired of having to give up fashion for their riding. They wanted to be able to look good when they chose to ride their bike, but they also wanted to be safe and be wearing gravel resistant clothing. Those who are in this industry, the article made clear, are not saying that their clothing is a substitute for armored clothing that are made by specialist manufacturers. This is just an alternative that provides moderate safety for the softer and shorter rides that are being taken. The actual pant fabric is a combination of Dyneema and Tough Max, which are much tougher than denim and stop ripping. The fabric actually ends up being tougher than kevlar that is used in military grade combat helmets. There are other little features that are included, like insulation for chill, wind and the colder months and the belt loops and pockets are reinforced with metal rivets.

One brand that is embracing these fashion trends is JustFab on instagram. This company is an online manufacturer that sells directly to the consumer. They have in house designers and make their own clothing. This cuts costs significantly and allows the consumer to get great clothing at a small percentage of the price. The neat thing about that JustFab offers is a membership. There are several different types of membership, costing different amounts, but essentially the consumer takes a quiz and a stylist creates a custom collection for the consumer every month and they buy at least one item from the collection or they can accumulate and buy several items.

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