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Bruce Bent II – Inventor of Money Market Fund

Posted on 18 May, 2017 in Uncategorized

Investing in a financial tool that offers high credit value and easy liquidity is what most of the investors look for. And, money market fund is exactly that. Money market fund is a mutual fund that invests for a short period in commercial paper or different types of cash equivalent fund like the U.S. Treasury Bills. Money market funds are considered as a safe investment choice, though there are risks involved, the risk is considerably much lesser in comparison to other investment options in the market.

For companies and individuals who are looking for better returns than other standard short-term investment options can opt for the money market fund. In the United States, the money market funds are overseen and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The money market fund in the United States invests in only the top rated debt whose investment period is 13 months or less. The best part is that the fund also issues dividends to its investors, which helps in generating greater returns. This fund is considered to be of high quality and has tremendously high liquid value, which helps the investors to feel safe when investing in the money market fund.

Bruce Bent II is  a business entrepreneur and financial expert.  His father is the man behind the money market fund and is attributed to inventing the first ever money market fund in 1970. Bruce Bent II grew up in the financial industry and learned a lot from his father over the years.

Bruce Bent II attended Northeastern University and recieved his Bachelor’s in Science degree in Philosophy. After college, he went on to work in the financial industry where he has helped many companies with cash-related solutions. He now works for Double Rock Corporation where he holds the positions of Vice Chairman of the board and President. Growing up with his father and the financial industry he has become a well-known financial guru whose techniques have been used by many companies.

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