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Talk Fusion’s Mission Is To Give Back

Posted on 29 July, 2016 in Apps, Business Leaders

Talk Fusion opened its doors in 2007. Since that time, their mission has been to help people to turn their dreams into reality and to give back to others. The Founder & CEO Bob Reina, has lived his life in this manner and wanted to make a vehicle to allow others to do the same. However, Reina knows that when you have great success in life, it also comes with a great responsibility attached.

The goal of Talk Fusion is to help as many people as they can. Reina is often seen as a motivational force who compels people to get up and do more. He is always striving for new and creative ways to give back. He encourages others to live by the same motto. Since he leads by example, he made a $1 million dollar donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. This money will help to change the lives of hundreds of animals. He has also supported an orphanage in Indonesia. While some people may be all talk when it comes to giving back, Reina shows that you have to put the wheels in motion.

Talk Fusion changes people lives. They have associates in more than 140 countries that are ready to do go at a moment’s notice. They see what and where they can help. Associates are often people who have been touched by this business and their charitable actions. During the Nepal earthquakes, they were there to help. During the tsunami in Japan, they were also there to help. The whole premise of this program is to give back.


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Skout is the Hottest App for Singles

Posted on 10 June, 2016 in Apps

I just got situated in a new city. I moved because of a job, and now I am in a city where I am trying to meet new friends. My friends back home told me to use Skout. I have been utilizing the app for about a month, and I must say that this is the best app around for singles.

I have had a couple of lunch dates, and I certainly see the potential to meet more people here in this city. There are a ton of people that use the app, and I have had the pleasure of using this app and meeting some really nice people. I think that it works well for me because it is something new. I tried Twitter. I was tired of Instagram. I was looking for something new, and I found that with Skout.

It has been so much easier to settle in here because there are people on Skout that are telling me about great restaurants and different places to shop. I even found a faster way to work thanks to one of my friends that I met through this app. I think that this is a great app because it has a section for kids and another section for adults. I let my daughter use the app, and she likes to communicate with her friends through this.

Skout has a powerful app because it has a lot of different features. I think that it keeps things interesting by adding a variation of concepts like Skout Travel and Skout Out. I really do believe that it will become the top add for singles as more people learn about it. There are a lot of personalities here, but the great thing about the site is that it is not classified as a dating site. It is just a social media gathering spot.

I think that Skout has managed to become the app that Google wanted to have with Google + and Google Hangouts. I know people that use those apps, but people still think of Google as a search engine. Skout stands out to me because it is a free form platform for dating and networking. Many people never do anything other than make friends through this website.

As a single person, I am looking forward to what this app offers. It is so interesting to see new profiles every single day.

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Skout Travel adds New Layer to Skout App

Posted on 22 March, 2016 in Apps

It can become very difficult for app creators to keep the app users invested in a particular app. People hear about apps through television and word-of-mouth from friends and they sign up. They may utilize the app for a little while, but they will often find themselves looking for the next hottest thing that comes along. It can be so easy for people to download an app one moment and delete the same app a moment later.

The Skout developers have realized this, and they have taken great measure to implement a variety of different things that can engage users. For new users, the “shake to chat” feature may be something that is very enjoyable. It is through this feature that people have the ability use their phone and instantly start up a conversation with a random stranger for about 60 seconds. It is after the 60 seconds that the profile of the person you have been chatting with will be revealed. A lot of new users find this very enjoyable as they take on the possibilities of meeting new people.

There is also another feature of this app that allows people to pinpoint other local people that may be interested in going out on a date or simply hanging out. This is something that a lot of users find interesting if they are single. That allows them to potentially set up dates without paying for a premium dating service app subscription.

All of these are very interesting features, but Skout creators do not realize that there is a lot of potential for users to become bored with these pictures after they have used these things for a while. That is why there is a lot of excitement about the new travel feature that is available through this application.

It is with this feature that a lot of users get the opportunity to go on a virtual tour of different cities throughout the world. The great thing about this feature is that it is something that can continue to engage users that have been signed up for this app for a while. Skout does not feature every city in the world, but this travel feature will continue to grow and expand as the app receives updates.