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Posted on 04 July, 2018 in architecture, Business, Business Expert, Home Repair

Aloha Construction is glad to announce its latest reception of the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Ethics. This esteemed honor is achieved by a select committee of organizations that have shown excellent ethical practices the whole year. The 2017 BBB Torch Award went to Aloha Construction due to various reasons, as indicated by the judges, as well as its continuous contributions to the community. The nominated companies are taken through a careful process and chosen by an independent board of judges.

The Torch Award honors organizations that exhibit leadership, best practices, social responsibility, and also holds high standards in regards to their company ethics benefiting the employees, customers, as well as their communities to name a few. It is a top award with exceptionally high standards doing it a real honor for any organization receiving it.

There are six particular criteria that Aloha Construction must have met to be able to qualify for the award which are committed leaders towards ethical practices, communication of ethical practices, leadership practices unifying the organization, the organizational commitment to the performance of the management practices, a committed organization to human moral resources and finally commitment to the community.

The company provides excellent services and high standard made possible by the high quality claims specialty team, managers, inspectors, administrative staff, field supervisors, and installers. The team conveys a variety of construction services from roof repairs to renovations of houses. One can rely on the organization in assisting of repairing a roof that has been worn out due to extreme weather or wear and tear.

Aloha construction is credited for its friendly services and its promptness when called where they assess the extent and nature of the damage, issue price, and the repair time gauge, and immediately after start working on the repairs.

Aloha Construction, situated in Lake Zurich, Illinois. They issue construction services to the whole of southern Wisconsin and the Illinois State. It is a family-based organization that has developed over the last one decade to among the leading contracting firms in the region. The company has completed more than 7000 projects locally earning it a reputation or safety, integrity as well as excellence.

Robert Ivy, The Master Of Accolades

Posted on 26 May, 2018 in architecture, CEO of AIA

The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters has named Robert Ivy, the CEO and EVP of the American Institute of Architects, as Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award champ. This is the the only instant an architect has won the award that is only given to the patrons and residents of Mississippi for their outstanding work. Ivy joins a small group of winners for being an author, writer, and analyst of architecture all over the world. He has been able to bring art closer to the community tagging him a earnest representative of his occupation. Also, the accolade is a pinnacle for his work and individual accomplishments as a native of Mississippi.

Before working at the AIA in 2011, Robert Ivy held the position of Editor in Chief of Architectural Record at McGraw Hill. Under his tenure, the Record was recognized globally for being the broadly distributed architectural journal and won the National Magazine Award for General Excellence among other. Ivy was also the overseer of the expansion and creation of McGraw Hill design in China. He assisted in the initiation of the Mandarin form of Architectural Record.

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His presence in the American Institute of Architects has to lead to its growth therefore, contributing to many members since its formation. The firm’s architects are found all over the world practicing with the assistance of the seven divisions of the institution some of them found in Canada and China.

Robert Ivy have also been esteemed by the community of Alpha Rho Chi for his excellent message of the worth of design. He is considered the nominated Master Architect and falls in the same icon group as I.M. Pei, Mies van der Rohe, and Richard Fuller. The community has given the award to more than half a dozen architects since its formation over 100 years ago, Ivy being the first in the 21st century. Moreover, Robert Ivy was given the Dean’s Medal by the University of Arkansas in 2017.

Before he was an architect, Robert Ivy was a Navy personnel. He attained his degree in Bachelor of Art English while at Sewanee and later proceeded to Tulane University and pursued a master’s degree in Architecture.

Robert Ivy will be awarded alongside stained glass stylish Andrew Cary of Pearl River glass studio at the ceremony that will be held on 2nd June this year by the Mississippi Institute of Art and Letters.


The 7 New Kitchen Cabinet Trends with Siteline Cabinetry

Posted on 11 October, 2017 in architecture, storage, technology

The 7 popular trends of 2016 in kitchen cabinetry have been listed on the blog run by Siteline Cabinetry, a custom kitchen cabinet and storage area manufacturer owned by the Corsi Group. Those trends are as follows:

  1. Personalized cabinets: Home owners are becoming more creative when it comes to combining colors, materials and surface finishes for their kitchen cabinets, and cabinet manufacturers and suppliers like Siteline Cabinetry have taken customers’ designs into consideration while building them and expand the range of cabinet features made available to consumers.
  2. Shaker style: New innovations have been seen throughout 2016 in the shaker style cabinet, so it is no longer just a plain, boring five-piece door with a recessed center panel. There is a lot more room for improvement and adjustment with the otherwise simple design that has been built and sold for decades.
  3. Neutral colors: White cabinets still remain a popular choice for many, but other colors which are along the neutral line that are neither too dark nor too bright, for example grey, are taking over from the traditional color of choice.
  4. Horizontal cabinetry: While vertical cabinets were and still are very common in kitchens, horizontal cabinets have been picking up an increasing share of cabinet sales in 2016, thanks to the refined look they bring to the kitchen along with easier access to the jars inside, since the need to stack cabinets on top of each other is vanishing with the wider storage they provide.
  5. High tech add-ons: Next generation home owners are coming up with more innovative ideas every day to combine technology with the kitchen surroundings, such as installing embedded charging stations in their cabinets. These new ideas are encouraging cabinet manufacturers like Siteline to think from a more advanced technological perspective.
  6. Functional design: Not only are cabinets expected to look and feel good in this day and age, but they are also expected to have greater functionality in order to fulfill storage and organizational requirements of home owners.
  7. Subtlety in design: Clean lines are becoming the norm in kitchen cabinetry as they provide flexibility in case a future upgrade becomes necessary.