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Beauty of Speed of A/B Testing

Posted on 29 December, 2017 in Artificial Intelligence

A/B Testing is basically important for your website and getting your customers to come over to your website over and over again.

This is extremely important to use A/B Testing to make sure that your website layout remains consistent and relevant.

When you don’t use A/B Testing on your website, your website starts looking old and outdated. Psychological behaviors online also start to change and because of that, people stop going to your website as often as they used to.

A/B Testing allows you to stay up-to-date with attracting your visitors to your website.

Why Can’t I Use Manual A/B Testing

Doing manual A/B testing is acceptable for your business. This is especially true if you are running a services agency and your clients are someone that you know by name.

For a situation like that, it would be sense to use A/B testing for that type of business.

However, if you are using a different business model like running a retail website where you have thousands of different buyer personas coming to your website, then it would help to outsource your A/B Testing to artificial intelligence.

With technologies such as heatmaps, artificial intelligence can consistently transform the amount of people who are coming to your website in order to buy from you.

With thousands and thousands of different people coming over to your website to buy items, it would make extreme sense to ensure that A/B Testing can be done through A/B Testing.

The Beauty of Speed

Of course, you can use A.I A/B Testing when it comes to develop your website or app to raise conversion rates for your business in regards to acquiring e-mail signatures onto your list, getting people to invest into a crowdfunding event or even a contest.

The reason why A.I. is important for A/B Testing because it speeds up the time and time, in this day and age, is essential.