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Equities First Holdings Wikipedia

Posted on 07 August, 2018 in Business Partnership, Financial Advice

Equities First Holdings is the largest bank in the Kenya area of Africa.

Equities First Holdings have done their very best to put themselves into the position they are in today in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Rwanda as well as the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Equities First Holdings has done so well in fact that they have won quite a few awards over the years and continue to do so today.

Along with all these accomplishments that Equities First Holdings have garnered, they have become the place that the locals in these regions have come to know and trust over the years.


Eric Lefkofsky and the search for data driven healthcare solutions

Posted on 14 May, 2018 in Business Partnership, Investment Management

Tempus, the Chicago based cancer fighting data analytical company is now worth $ 1.1 billion after the latest investments from private investors. Eric Lefkofsky, the co-founder of Tempus recently shared details on the company’s latest round of investments during the Series C round. Tempus came in 3rd among startups during the Series C round, receiving $ 70 million from Revolution Growth and New Enterprise Associates. With the latest investments, Tempus now has secured $ 130 million so far this year. Since 2015, the data analytical company has been the recipient of $ 210 million in investments, and now can claim “unicorn” status among startups. Eric Lefkofsky, who is no stranger to starting companies, initially invested his own money, and was able to leverage that capital to garner more freedom to grow without the need for outside funding.
Uptake Technologies is another data analytical company co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky. Uptake leverages artificial intelligent algorithms to analyze financial data, to help identify investment opportunities and financial planning strategies. Uptake Technologies received $ 90 million in investments during the Series B round.
Tempus is a healthcare information technology company, which is taking a data driven approach to fight cancer. Tempus believes the cure for cancer will be found in healthcare data silos, and the use of artificial intelligence to organize and identify correlations in these healthcare data sets. Using artificial intelligence to analyze large amounts of healthcare data, Tempus is building a molecular clinical library. This molecular clinical library allows Tempus to build genetic sequential information healthcare professional can use to battle cancer.
Eric Lefkofsky is responsible for many charitable educational programs in Chicago, including the Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL), Afterschool Matters, Success Bound, and High School Bond. These programs along with programs focused on human rights, medical research and cultural initiatives is what makes up the Lefkofsy Family Foundation. The Lefkofsy Family Foundation is a private charitable organization founded in 2006 by Eric and Liz Lefkofsky.

Mike Baur and Swiss Start-up Factory is Making Dreams Come True

Posted on 14 November, 2016 in Business, Business Leaders, Business Partnership

With twenty years of experience in the Swiss banking industry, it comes as no surprise that Mike Baur has seen such success with the Swiss Start-up Factory. Founded in 2014, Baur’s enterprise runs three-month long start-up accelerator programs for thriving digital entrepreneurs. They provide a strong network of support from their Zurich-based operation with a global reach.

Visit the site Founder Stories to know more about Mike Baur.

The company’s mission is to “Provide young, talented entrepreneurs in Switzerland a top professional execution platform that guides them through a dedicated & business-driven process tom A to Z with ambitious milestones”.


To achieve that mission, the Swiss Start-up Factory offers a unique platform of services which include mentoring, coaching, and office space, in addition to the support network. Mike Baur is responsible for the fund-raising and financing at the company he founded and co-manages.


This company meets its mission statement by helping start-ups reach their full and profitable potential. The Swiss Start-up Factory doesn’t stop at networking and making office space and conference rooms available. Part of reaching that full potential, Mike believes, is access to accounting and financial advice, such as payroll management, tax and VAT reporting, and financial health reviews. They offer custom packages to suit each start-ups specific needs.


The man behind the company, Mike Baur, has been passionate about the subject of Banking & Finance since he was a teen living in Fribourg. He maintained strong connections to his home region even as he moved up in the Swiss Private Banking industry over the next twenty years of his career. He began as a commercial apprentice and eventually climbed the ladder to become an executive board member at a large Private Bank in Switzerland.


Then, in 2014 he decided to start his own entrepreneurial path. With two partners he started the number one independent and privately financed start-up accelerator in Switzerland: The Swiss Start-up Factory. Mike has given numerous speeches at events all over the world, promoting the small, digital entrepreneurs who would otherwise be unable to find the backing they need to make their own dreams a reality.


Start-ups looking to join the program must first apply and be selected. When each batch of accepted start-ups kick off each quarter, applicants will be given the coaching and mentoring they need to pitch their ideas effectively to investors who are looking to get in on the ground floor with advances in technological thinking.


James Dondero Teaming Up With Linda Owen, The Dallas Civic Leader, In Expanding Highland Capital Management Charitable Giving

Posted on 29 July, 2016 in Business Leaders, Business Partnership

Linda Owen joins Highland capital management as the manager of the charitable program for the organization. The president and co-founder of the Dallas-based Highland Capital Management company, James Dondero, has now teamed up with Linda Owen, the former chairperson of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation and former leader in providing strategic management to the philanthropic activities that Highland capital management is involved in. He is set to expand the charitable giving that the company is about to embark on.

James Dondero tweeted that he recognizes the need for a professional in the philanthropic activities. This is because they have decided to expand their charitable activities and they want to make a very great impact on society. Owen will be serving as the company’s helpful manager and will be operating in partnership with the Dallas Foundation, which will be administering the charitable giving that will proceed from Highland Capital Management Company.

Dondero said that now since they have expanded in their charitable giving, a dedicated professional is well needed to have the funds distributed a way that will bring the greatest impact to the society at large. He also says that Linda Owen has a well-proven track record of performance and is the suitable person to fit into that post. Linda has worked with private and public partnerships in Dallas and has her vision shared to make a tangible and immediate difference to the community at large.

Highland Capital Management Company has more than $3 billion dollars in assets. Through the Dallas Foundation. It also lays a very high focus on education as well as healthcare in the Dallas community. The local beneficiaries of the company’s charitable giving include the Perot Museum, the brain health center, the George Bush Museum and library and the Dallas Zoo.

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Highland Capital Powerhouse President, James Dondero

Eric Pulier Helps Kids With Impressive Technology

Posted on 16 May, 2016 in Business, Business Partnership

Technology is a very important part of the education community, but it has been something that kids and parents have had to fight for. One of the first people to make a big difference in assistive technology was Eric Pulier, and he is still working in technology today. There are a lot of people who have benefited from what Eric Pulier has done, and he is still working on making the world better with technology today.

Pulier actually started People Doing Things to make sure that he could advocate for assistive technology that would help kids in school. There are thousands of accommodations that are going to help kids in school, and Eric Pulier has said that he wants as many of those for kids as he can get. He wants kids to go into school knowing that there is something that is going to make their lives better.

He works with school systems to make sure they are using the best technology, and he is also helping kids who have specific needs. That is also part of what he is doing with the X Prize. He wants to make sure that people are going to be invested in the future by looking for technology that is actually going to help people. He wants to show that there is a better way to do everything, and he wants to show people that they are going to be able to use technology to make changes in their lives that are really meaningful. He wants to show parents that their kids will do well in school, and he wants to show schools the best ways to do accommodations.

Eric Pulier has chosen to focus his career on other people, and he is to be commended for all the work that he has done. He has helped kids who need assistive technology, and he has helped kids with chronic illnesses. He has worked with schools that need help, and he has advocated for helping kids who deserve a chance to learn. Eric Pulier is a man about innovation and people above all else.

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Charles Koch Explains The Need For Controversial Speakers In Graduation Ceremonies

Posted on 16 May, 2016 in Business, Business Partnership

Charles Koch is an American entrepreneur and a top-notch investor who has encountered so much success in the financial industry. The Koch brothers, Charles and David, who serves as the vice president of Koch Industries. Charles Koch is also a happily married man with two children, who currently resides in New York.

Koch is ranked as one of the wealthiest men at a global level. In his entire career, he has attained lots of success, being the head and the president of Koch Industries. In a liberation made by the, Koch explained his father explained to him the concept of business principles after he left the industry to him. Koch industries deal with consumer products and offering quality farm products to their esteemed clients at an affordable price.

This year, Charles Koch has been working closely with Michael Bloomberg, who once served as the mayor of New York, USA. Their primary focus was making liberation, urging the American the universities and colleges to create open forums and seminars that can help their students come up with a broad range of business ideas.

In the traditional onset in matters concerning graduation ceremonies, college staff and speakers used to offer commencements in the graduations. According to Michael Bloomberg and Charles Koch, the universities are the ones in need of professional advice.

Koch insisted that there is a need for the universities and colleges giving their students freedom to choose what they want in life. In the graduation ceremonies, schools and colleges have been avoiding the services of top-notch speakers, who they believe will offer lots of expertise to the graduates. Koch also insisted that the primary task of the colleges is to challenge students and build trust upon their beliefs, something that has not been recently done.

Koch’s expertise in the investment industry has contributed significantly to his success. He has also been offering advice to other investors on matters regarding the business scope for the well being of the United States economy.

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White Shark Media Review: Tips For Effectively Handling Customer Complaints

Posted on 11 April, 2016 in Business Partnership, Online Business News

Having happy customers very important in order to run a successful business. Sometimes customers may complain about the service they have received or a product delivered did not meet their expectation.

When a customer complains about the quality of service or other issues, it is extremely important that you take appropriate action immediately. Having a bad reputation or derogatory posts about your service or any other aspect of your business can be devastating to your business or professional profile.

White Shark Media understands how to navigate through a customer service issue. White Shark Media has been providing services for many years and knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to dealing with irate customers.

Whenever a customer or clients complains about any aspect of their business, White Shark Media takes immediate action to find out as much as possible about the issue and handle it satisfactorily. White Shark Media has a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who makes sure that all complaints are addressed and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Pod Nutz says that once they have listened to their customer’s entire complaint, they immediately apologize and sympathize with him or her to show that they are ready to help resolve the issue. It is imperative to apologize for the experience prior to saying anything else. It is also important to put yourself in the customer’s situation in order to show that you understand the feeling and sympathize with him or her.

White Shark Media has been recognized as a top rated digital marketing firm. The is well known for providing high quality services to clients and customers all over the world. As a reputable an reliable firm, rendering cost-effective promotional campaigns and marketing strategies, White Shark Media delivers a world-class customer experience.

Managing a successful digital marketing firm requires creativity and dedication to achieve immense growth in this competitive industry, but White Shark Media has the resources and expertise to meet the challenge. White Shark Media is fully committed to ensuring pleasant and satisfactory clients’ experience. The staff at White Shark Media accomplish this by communicating with clients and customers to ensure that they are completely satisfied with the services they have received – Watch here:

By addressing complaints promptly and appropriately, you can keep the customer happy and eliminate the risk of losing sales or business through bad press or word-of-mouth.

Slyce’s New Partnership With Major Shoe Retailer

Posted on 05 April, 2016 in Business Partnership

Slyce has investors spinning their wheels over their new partnerships with major retailers. They have already partnered with brands like Home Depot, Tilly’s, Neiman Marcus and several others to offer their products in a catalogue that can be accessed through their visual search technology. The visual search technology is an application that allows consumers to search for products in a new, innovative way that makes online shopping much easier and more fun. One of the newest additions to their catalogue is a partnership with Shoe Carnival Inc.

Shoe Carnival is one of the nation’s top selling retailers for shoes for all types of people. They pride themselves on being a place where the whole family can go to get their shoes. They sell their products online, and now, they are able to offer consumers an even easier way to shop for their shoes.

About Slyce

This new partnership is one example of how Slyce is changing the face of online shopping. Online shopping certainly has its perks when compared to traditional shopping. However, typical online shopping can feel like a tough task in itself when you have to hunt everywhere for the product that you are trying to purchase. Slyce uses automated technology in its visual search platform to bring consumers closer to their purchases than ever before.

According to the CEO of Slyce, Mark Elfenbein, consumer purchases on Slyce require “only a single snap.” Consumers use their devices in a variety of ways to search on Slyce’s platform without trouble. The application allows users to search by using real pictures of the product that they want to find. The user can also upload a picture to the application of a barcode, QR code or a picture of a picture. A picture of a picture can be a print ad, for instance.

This partnership expands Slyce’s offering to consumers. It shows how well the company is growing. It also shows that Shoe Carnival Inc. will be doing more business through this partnership because they will receive an increase in virtual consumer traffic.