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Posted on 31 July, 2017 in Cancer, Cancer Treatment

Oncotarget is an international journal aiming at addressing the various types of cancers, their targets and possible treatments. This journal is peer-reviewed and explores diverse therapies and other forms of managing cancer patients. In addition to this focus, authors of this journal pay attention to the impact of management approaches on cancer patients.

Medicine is an evolving field and changes happen every day. The oncotarget journal perceptive of the changes happening in cancer treatment and management. Therefore, it has made an effort of documenting all the developments. The objective of this journal to realize top quality health care for cancer patients.

The editorial board is compromised of numerous editors. Each field has been contributed by many authors, considering. The chief editors of the Oncortarget journal; from the Rosewall Park Cancer Institute in New York are Andrei Gudkov and the well known Mikhail Blagosklonny.The editorial board is supportive to its editors. Their objective is to compile constructive, insightful and punctual articles for their audiences.

Objectives of Oncortaget

Apart from oncology, this journal also covers autophagy and cell death, chromosomes, aging immunology and microbiology. The mission of OncoTarget is to avail scientific results to a broad range of audiences. These results should also be received rapidly. Delivering useful information punctually to many people assists them to begin implementation fast.

It is also important for this journal to link knowledge from various medical fields and produce exceptional discoveries. The ultimate goal is to create life without illnesses. Prominent medical specialists have come together to propel science.

Cancer is one of the world’s major illnesses. It continues millions of people globally. Some are lucky to survive but while others succumb to cancer. Journals such as OncoTarget are striving to fight cancer through spreading knowledge and new insights in the following: click here.

Additional fields explored in this journal show the relationship between oncology and other fields of medicine. While fighting cancer, it is important to evaluate how other fields contribute to the solution. By integrating this knowledge, it is a step closer to suppressing the aggression of cancer. Soon, cancer will be an easily treatable and manageable illness. More comprehensive plans will be invented where patients do not have to undergo through much agony.