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Market America – An Innovative Shopping Experience

Posted on 04 July, 2018 in Apps, Business, CEO of AIA, Entrepreneur, Financial Advice, Marketing FImr

Where can a consumer find some of the best prices for goods and services worldwide? The answer is Market America.

Market America is a global multi-level marketing corporation that has helped create economic opportunities for thousands of people in almost every corner of the world. Market America is one of the most successful companies of its kind. How did this company achieve such a high-level of success for so many people?


Imagine being able to create your own business, without making a huge initial investment from your personal finances. How is this possible? Market America calls these independent business owners “UnFranchise Owners” (UFOs). These entrepreneurs receive training and support from Market America Worldwide and access to a shopping website called SHOP.COM. The owners encourage consumers in their private network to purchase goods and services on their very own SHOP.COM site and they receive a commission on each sale.

[MA] believes that once someone has been given a chance to succeed, their potential for success is limitless. Through the shopping website, consumers have literally millions of goods and services to choose from. This vast array of options allows potential customers to comparison shop for the best deals throughout the site SHOP.COM.

Finally, even though [MA] is a huge corporate entity, it has not forgotten the importance of communicating with their customers on a personal level. This company has masterfully used social media to communicate with their client base and owners. Customer service is a top priority because [MA] goes above and beyond to provide for the needs of every customer.

If you are looking for a shopping experience that will exceed your wildest expectations, it is time to give Market America a try. They will do whatever it takes to make your shopping experience a memorable one.

Robert Ivy, The Master Of Accolades

Posted on 26 May, 2018 in architecture, CEO of AIA

The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters has named Robert Ivy, the CEO and EVP of the American Institute of Architects, as Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award champ. This is the the only instant an architect has won the award that is only given to the patrons and residents of Mississippi for their outstanding work. Ivy joins a small group of winners for being an author, writer, and analyst of architecture all over the world. He has been able to bring art closer to the community tagging him a earnest representative of his occupation. Also, the accolade is a pinnacle for his work and individual accomplishments as a native of Mississippi.

Before working at the AIA in 2011, Robert Ivy held the position of Editor in Chief of Architectural Record at McGraw Hill. Under his tenure, the Record was recognized globally for being the broadly distributed architectural journal and won the National Magazine Award for General Excellence among other. Ivy was also the overseer of the expansion and creation of McGraw Hill design in China. He assisted in the initiation of the Mandarin form of Architectural Record.

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His presence in the American Institute of Architects has to lead to its growth therefore, contributing to many members since its formation. The firm’s architects are found all over the world practicing with the assistance of the seven divisions of the institution some of them found in Canada and China.

Robert Ivy have also been esteemed by the community of Alpha Rho Chi for his excellent message of the worth of design. He is considered the nominated Master Architect and falls in the same icon group as I.M. Pei, Mies van der Rohe, and Richard Fuller. The community has given the award to more than half a dozen architects since its formation over 100 years ago, Ivy being the first in the 21st century. Moreover, Robert Ivy was given the Dean’s Medal by the University of Arkansas in 2017.

Before he was an architect, Robert Ivy was a Navy personnel. He attained his degree in Bachelor of Art English while at Sewanee and later proceeded to Tulane University and pursued a master’s degree in Architecture.

Robert Ivy will be awarded alongside stained glass stylish Andrew Cary of Pearl River glass studio at the ceremony that will be held on 2nd June this year by the Mississippi Institute of Art and Letters.