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Wes Edens Places His Bets And Wins

Posted on 24 November, 2018 in Business, CEO, Company, Investment

Coined the “New King of Subprime Lending” by the Wall Street Journal, Wes Edens is an investor of industries including media, financial services, healthcare, real estate, infrastructure, and transportation. He owns the luxurious hotel Caldera House. Notably, he became a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and plans to now open a brand new arena for the NBA team. This will be an approximate cost of $524 million dollars. Wes Edens’ efforts will contribute to the economic growth in the downtown area of the city of Milwaukee. In fact, He plans and has promised to keep the structure right in Milwaukee. Read more about Wes Edens at Industrial Areas Foundation.

Wes Edens also has a major hand in an English soccer club called Aston Villa. He graduated from Oregon State University and earned his college degree in finance and business administration in 1984. He was able to work in a small bank way in San Francisco but then was encouraged to consider Wall Street. He made the trek to New York and worked at Lehman Brothers then BlackRock in 1993. 1998 was the year he was able to branch out and begin Fortress. Separately, he founded New Fortress Energy which provides clean energy projects in the US and in other countries as well. Fortress has given Wes Edens his fortune where he is still co-CEO. Growing up in Montana, exploring the outdoors, Wesley Edens the son of a psychologist and school teacher was once a competitive skier. He even rock climbs around Jackson, Wyoming on occasion. Wes Edens was influenced by a 19th century founder of standard oil and developer of railways as well as hotels in Florida, Henry Flagler. This gave him the idea to undertake railroad. He establish Brightline which plans to place tracks from West Palm Beach, Florida to Orlando, Florida and then on to Tampa, Florida.

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Robert Ivy makes the difference at AIA

Posted on 04 November, 2018 in architecture, Company

Robert Ivy is one of the most significant players in the architecture sector. His role in aiming architecture part of human operations has played a significant role in the decentralization of the profession. Today, architects are now not seen as people who can only work in the biding and construction industry. Ivy has done a great job of ensuring that even the architects have opened up their eyes to the opportunities that are available elsewhere. It is through the work that he has done in the industry that he is today holding a senior position in the profession. He is the executive vice president and the CEO of the American Institute of Architects. This organization is the biggest there is in the country. It is also the oldest organization of architect in the United States. It was created in 1857 and comprises of qualified architects and designers.

Robert Ivy has held the leadership position since 2011. He has taken up the role and made a huge change. Even before was appointed to the senior position, he was still playing an important role in disseminating information about architecture to the people. He was the editor in chief of the Architectural Records, the biggest publication for architectural materials in the world. Under his leadership, this organization performed very well and even won the National Award for Excellence. Robert Ivy has made architecture an exciting filed where the members of the organization benefit from numerous initiatives that are carried out in the organization.

Robert Ivy has created a professional organization that architects would love to be associated with. AIA is an organization that has created an opportunity for even new architects to feel comfortable. The group is vibrant and offers many opportunities for new professionals to interact with the experienced ones.

AIA has under the leadership of Robert Ivy transformed into an organization that supports the architects and highlights issues of architecture to the public. Today, you will find architects being consulted on very many applications. Ivy has shown them the importance of diversity. He has shown them that it is possible to benefit from other industries apart from building and construction.

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Stream Cares is Stream Energy’s Philanthropic Heart

Posted on 13 August, 2018 in Business, Business Expert, Business Leaders, Company, Entrepreneur, Investment, Investor

Stream Cares is the philanthropic arm of Dallas-based energy provider Stream Energy. It is a company within a company, a separate entity created for the sole purpose of managing Stream’s charity. Stream Cares is tasked with building relationships, allocating funds, and planning charity events. Its existence is very unorthodox, but something other companies are looking to do as well.

Founded in 2005 Stream is a direct-energy seller, whose associates live off of word of mouth advertising. The company has been successful in its tenure. It now offers gas and electric services to seven states, as well as mobile and home security services nationwide. Its associates operated like brokers, creating client lists that generate commission. Stream is very unique in that consumers are represented by the associate that sold them, so instead of talking customer service that talk to the associate. This hands-on personal touch has set Stream apart, the creation of Stream Cares will make it stand out.

Stream Energy has always been a charitable institution. Its associates are dedicated to giving back. The company is not alone in this feeling, a good chunk of corporate America feels the same way. Corporations are very generous when it comes to philanthropy. Although many operate with selfish designs underneath, because charity does make a company sparkle, most genuinely care about the world around them. Stream Energy has had a long-standing relationship with both habitat for humanity and the Red Cross. It provided aid and relief to families during the Tornado strike, and was instrumental in providing aid during Hurricane Harvey. Stream Cares capitalizes on that help, reaching out to see what more can be done. Stream Cares also has mandate close to the heart of many associates, fighting against homelessness.

Stream Energy does not just write checks. It has a presence within the community. Associates volunteer at the charitable engagements Stream continuously sponsors. Stream will not just cover the cost of the event, but will provide transport to get there. It does not shirk about going the extra mile. This is why charity is a part of Stream’s business model.

GreenSky Credit Shines the Light of Technology in the Financial Lending Sector

Posted on 13 August, 2018 in Apps, Business, CEO, Company, Education, Entrepreneur, Founder, Investment, Investor, technology

Technology has been greatly embraced in the finance sector due to the manner in which it has been transforming the operations of the involved organizations. Through technological advancements, a lot of activities in the finance industry have been made easier to handle and also minimizing the chances of loss-making by the forms. However, this advancement in the technology has taken years to reach the lending and credit sector. Many lenders and creditors have been engaging their customers in a prolonged process of filling in forms with volumes of details so that they can access credit from their facilities. These tedious processes have been brought to an end by GreenSky Credit with their recent innovation of an online platform that will enable Creditors to assess and evaluate their customers more conveniently before they access their credit facilities.

After the formation of GreenSky Credit in 2006, the main focus of the company is to ensure convenience and efficiency in the manner in which credit customers are served. It has been very normal for the financial institutions to subject their borrowers to tedious processes of the loan application which sometimes have resulted in frustrations to the borrowers. GreenSky Credit, led by its Principal, David Zalik, realized this market gap and decided to fill it. Instead of providing funds directly to the borrowers, the organization acts as a lender to these creditors. Then it’s the obligation of the financial institutions to vet their customers and ascertain that their creditworthiness is unquestionable and approve them for the access of the funds. Then the obligation of GreenSky Credit follows to disburse the approved funds into the accounts of the borrowers.

The benefit of this platform to the clients is the ease at which they can access credit funds, without filling the tedious forms that they used to fill in the past. Also, the unnecessary scrutiny to which the customers were subjected has also been eradicated. No need to disclose minor details about their families and background to access the funds. To the lenders, GreenSky Credit acts as their surety for the availability of funds whenever the customers borrow.