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Richard Dwayne Blair on Managing Financial Assets Effectively with Three Pillar Approach

Posted on 16 August, 2018 in Entrepreneur

Richard Dwayne Blair has been managing financial assets for years in Austin, helping his clients make the most of their wealth and plan for retirement. His financial acumen has allowed him to do more than just manage wealth as he has created a framework that clients can follow. Blair calls this plan the Three Pillar Approach.

First Pillar

The first part of the financial planning framework focuses on understanding where a client stands. Before creating a path to follow, it is necessary for a manager to comprehend the needs of a specific client to be able to come up with an actionable strategy. This stage is about learning an individual’s strengths, goals, growth opportunities, and risk tolerance. According to Blair, evaluating these elements makes it possible for a financial manager to forge relationships with clients.

Second Pillar

What follows is the development of a suitable financial plan that is tailored to the requirements of a client. Every client has unique goals, and those will dictate the type of strategy to use. Richard Blair gets the most from financial assets by timing the right market conditions. When the movement is upward, he capitalizes on every opportunity, but when it turns, he ensures that assets are protected. The right financial plan is the difference between a paltry income and healthy returns.

Third Pillar

After understanding why a client wants to get out of a retirement plan and coming up with the right approach to achieve it, what remains is execution and tracking the results. Richard Dwayne Blair uses the client objectives as a reference point to implement a financial strategy to the fullest. Historical data of a certain market and individual and company goals allow a manager to monitor how a plan is working out. Tracking the results ensures that a strategy doesn’t deviate from the established path.

About Richard Dwayne Blair

Richard Blair has been in the financial industry since 1993. He started working with financial instruments immediately after leaving college. In 1994, he set up Wealth Solutions, a financial management firm based in Texas that specializes in retirement planning. Blair has several qualifications and certifications under his name like Retirement Income Certified Professional, Certified Estate and Trust Specialist, and Certified Fund Specialist, among others.

Market America – An Innovative Shopping Experience

Posted on 04 July, 2018 in Apps, Business, CEO of AIA, Entrepreneur, Financial Advice, Marketing FImr

Where can a consumer find some of the best prices for goods and services worldwide? The answer is Market America.

Market America is a global multi-level marketing corporation that has helped create economic opportunities for thousands of people in almost every corner of the world. Market America is one of the most successful companies of its kind. How did this company achieve such a high-level of success for so many people?


Imagine being able to create your own business, without making a huge initial investment from your personal finances. How is this possible? Market America calls these independent business owners “UnFranchise Owners” (UFOs). These entrepreneurs receive training and support from Market America Worldwide and access to a shopping website called SHOP.COM. The owners encourage consumers in their private network to purchase goods and services on their very own SHOP.COM site and they receive a commission on each sale.

[MA] believes that once someone has been given a chance to succeed, their potential for success is limitless. Through the shopping website, consumers have literally millions of goods and services to choose from. This vast array of options allows potential customers to comparison shop for the best deals throughout the site SHOP.COM.

Finally, even though [MA] is a huge corporate entity, it has not forgotten the importance of communicating with their customers on a personal level. This company has masterfully used social media to communicate with their client base and owners. Customer service is a top priority because [MA] goes above and beyond to provide for the needs of every customer.

If you are looking for a shopping experience that will exceed your wildest expectations, it is time to give Market America a try. They will do whatever it takes to make your shopping experience a memorable one.

Alexandre Gama More Than Meets The Eye

Posted on 04 May, 2018 in Advertising Agency, Entrepreneur

Alexandre Gama has spent the last 20 years as the CEO of one of Brazil’s top advertising agencies, Neogama. That was preceded by nearly two decades as a copywriter and creative director at a number of agencies including DM9 and Standard Ogilvy & Mather. His experience as a low-level employee makes him one of the most relatable CEOs in today’s advertising industry.

Gama has been awarded a number of distinctions for his work with Neogama and as an artist in Brazil. He received a nomination in 2006 as one of Brazil’s top 7 publicity professionals and received the distinction of being the 2006 Agency Director of the Year by the Propaganda Professionals Association. He has also been named Entrepreneur of the Year, a one of Brazil’s top 3 advertisers, and one of the most important leaders in the communications industry by various organizations. Gama and his agency have won 23 Golden Lions at Cannes over the years.

Alexandre is not just involved in the advertising industry. His work was featured in an 2014 exhibit at the Brazilian Art Museum and was displayed for 60 days. This was the only exhibit of its kind in the history of the museum. Gama has invested in a number of ventures including the British luxury sports carmaker, Briggs, as well as in his own music company, VIOLAB.

An Overview of Sahm Adrangi’s Report on Eastman Kodak Company Rise

Posted on 19 April, 2018 in Business, Business Leaders, Entrepreneur, Investment Bankers, Investment Management

Sahm Adrangi is the chief investment officer at Kerrisdale Capital Management. He lives in New York City, and is aged 33 years. Sahm has a degree from Yale University in Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Before he founded this excellent company, Kerrisdale Capital Management, Sahm Adrangi was an investment analyst in Longacre Fund Management for some time. During that time, he would conduct investment research and analysis for equity fund and credit fund. Earlier on, Sahm Adrangi also worked with Chanin Capital Partners in the bankruptcy-restructuring group. Here, Chanin Capital Partners, Sahm Adrangi helped in advising the creditors, represented bank debts holders, equity committees, and bondholder committees. Where he currently works, Kerrisdale Capital Management, they are committed to the long-term value of investments and focus on the special situations. The company leads in emerging investment approaches to broaden the investments communities.

In recent news, there has been a striking report made by Sahm on the issues regarding Eastman Kodak Company. The published report explains the short rise in stock by 187 percent of the Eastman Kodak Company, commercial imaging, and printing company. This rise has rendered the shares to rise, which may not benefit the shareholders. Sahm Adrangi in the report believes that the named company, Eastman Kodak Company, does not have a sustainable capital structure and poor fundamentals. Kerrisdale Capital management has a position in the Eastman Kodak Company and anticipates a benefit if only the shares fall. Sahm says in the report that the strategic advisor and the lead developer of the Eastman Kodak Company are companies that cannot be trusted because of their dubious methods of operation. Kerrisdale is convinced that the result of that announcement was to attempt to eliminate some shareholders. The announcement revealed partnership in launching a block chain and a photo-centric cryptocurrency. Sahm Adrangi insists that the sire of the shares rose on means that were not agreeable or justifiable and this affects the benefits of the Eastman Kodak Company shareholders. The report points out that the members of the board of directors of the Kodak Company had laid strict measures before the announcement was made public.

Ted Bauman Weighs On The Impact Of Hard-Forking The Bitcoin Technology

Posted on 13 December, 2017 in Entrepreneur

Ted Bauman has been registered as a Banyan Hill Publisher for the past four years. He’s a regular feature of the Alpha Stock Alert, and The Bauman Letter financial investment newsletters. Ted is on record as having outperformed the S&P 500 index for more than ten times in his career.

Ted’s breadth of experience in building successful companies has made him an authority in matters on, retirement investment planning, and wealth management and in recent times, cryptocurrencies. Ted Bauman recently penned an insightful piece on how investors ought to approach the bitcoin revolution taking place today. Here’s a recap of that post.

Bitcoin Vs Visa

Ted Bauman starts by highlighting a major flaw that user’s face with bitcoins. The accomplished investor paints an image of a bitcoin user in the year 2020 who has to wait an entire four minutes to finally receive a payment confirmation phone alert. Ted acknowledges that bitcoins are extremely safe and secure for end-users thanks to their unique decentralized approach on The fact that bitcoins exist in millions of anonymous computer networks all over the web, makes it nearly impossible for the government to track and manipulate everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency, bitcoin.

Terrible Delays

Ted Bauman’s actually delved into the poignant concern of bitcoin mining in the Bauman Letter. The entrepreneur reminds the reader of just how costly and time-consuming it is to mine a single bitcoin. The mining process must be completed for the bitcoin transaction to be successful. It takes around 6.5 seconds to mint a new coin. A typical bitcoin transaction takes roughly 10 minutes to complete.

That’s in stark contrast with the mind-blowing transaction processing speeds of alternative payment firms like Visa. The latter has the capacity to complete an estimated 24,000 transactions per second and it currently processes up to 150M transactions, daily.


According to Bauman, if bitcoin fails to address the lengthy transaction times, it is indeed headed for utter disaster as an emerging currency. Consumers will still clamor for Visa services for speed and convenience’s sake according to Ted advises for the founders of bitcoin to either increase the sizes of their bitcoin mining blocks or reduce the data found on a single bitcoin.


In fact, many miners are nowadays adopting the SegWit2X technology to help speed up the transaction rates by halving the data in every bitcoin block. That approach, however, introduces new flaws and vulnerabilities in the bitcoin transaction. Ted believes that the only thing that can save this crypto is by initiating a hard fork. Hard forking involves creating a new bitcoin blockchain that has an increased block size allocation of 8MBs. After the hard fork, bitcoins will then be traded as Bitcoin Cash.

Continue reading about Ted Bauman’s warnings and skepticism as far as bitcoin goes here.

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OSI Group & Its Rise To The Top

Posted on 24 November, 2017 in Entrepreneur, OSI Group

There are numerous food suppliers around the world today, but none are more efficient than OSI Group. The Aurora-based company is one of the biggest private companies in the U.S. The company has been around since 1909 and as of today, it is still going strong. OSI Group is at the pinnacle of the industry as it’s setting newer trends. What is possible with this company? The answer is rather simple. OSI Group can handle all of its clients’ needs through processing, managing, distribution and development. It would be hard trying to find another similar organization with this much know-how.

Some of the biggest food processing and most popular names have been served by this company, which includes Starbucks, Subway, McDonald’s, Papa John’s Pizza and Pizza Hut. Though it’s headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Group has been located in many different areas throughout “Chicagoland.” This includes Oak Park and Maywood, Illinois. Under the name of Otto & Sons, the company opened its first high-volume meat plant in 1973. This specific location was in West Chicago. As you can see, OSI Group has been in numerous locations, and it has an abundance of plants. Growth and evolution is the name of the game and if you’re not evolving, you’ll get left behind. Forbes listed OSI as the 136th largest private company in 2011. This was based on its annual revenue of $3 billion. That’s right! As time went on, the company continued its growth and as of today, it has merged with many other food related businesses.

One of its biggest and best decisions was to acquire BAHO Foods, which is a prominent Dutch company that supplies meat and other food products. With this acquisition, OSI has been able to expand its range into 18 European countries. This untapped opportunity is blessing as it opens the doors up for even more growth in the future. What more can you say about this company? It does everything by the books, and it practices great ethics. OSI Group is changing the game on so many levels, and it will continue its dominance in the years to come.

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Former Ambassador Daniel Taub and His Tenure

Posted on 19 October, 2017 in Entrepreneur

The former Israeli ambassador to Britain is Mr. Daniel Taub hose tenure was highly successful. During the four years of which Mr. Daniel Taub was at the position, he helped bring about a vast number of positive changes and various improvements. Read more: Daniel Taub | About and  Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Mr. Daniel Taub started his four years of tenure back in June 2011. Bt the end of that time, Mr. Daniel Taub had managed to strengthen the relations between the United Kingdom and Israel in many significant ways. The two countries are stronger bonds in terms of education and culture, as well as business and trade.

In fact, the trade between the two nations doubled, and more than three hundred Israeli enterprises opened offices in the United Kingdom. These achievements did not go unnoticed as Mr. Daniel Taub was repeatedly recognized for them during and after his tenure of four years.

Mr. Daniel Taub was born and raised in England where he was a part of an Israeli community. Over the course of his life, Mr. Daniel Taub became actively involved in community work. He later traveled to Israel where he occupied several positions. He was in the military and he then also worked in office.

One of his jobs was as a peace negotiator. Mr. Daniel Taub was recognized for his negotiation skills, and so he was one of the leading voices in the peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine. Mr. Daniel Taub worked together with a Palestinian counterpart. They had the assignment to travel to Northern Ireland where they would learn about peace and other cultural examples they could take back home.

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One of the many examples of Mr. Daniel Taub and his work towards strengthening the cultural connection is found in the situation in Bradford city. The city was proclaimed as an ”Israel-free zone” by one of the official George Galloway. He made some bold statements about Israeli people using words such as ”savages”, ”barbarous” and many others. Mr. Daniel Taub, however, was not phased by his outrageous speech as he had heard it all before at one point or another.

At a later point, Mr. Daniel Taub even visited the city of Bradford. He had received invitations from the church, the city hall, and several others. While many thought that the speech that George Galloway had mane also applied to the citizens of Bradford, Mr. Daniel Taub found out that the case was quite the opposite. The citizens were extremely welcoming.

OSI Industries Embraces An Ambitious Global Expansion Strategy

Posted on 13 October, 2017 in Entrepreneur, OSI Group

In the past three years, OSI Industries has been busy working on a plan to expand into other markets and reinforce its presence in the local market. A lot of activities have graced this ambitious decision, and amid the activities have been acquisitions executed to take over other businesses both locally and in overseas markets. The top management of OSI Industries in its wisdom decided instead of coming up with new businesses entirely, they would expand by acquiring others that are already established then patching them up to perform better and become an authority in their local markets.

To start executing this plan, OSI Industries located expansion opportunities locally and the first to come their way was Tyson Foods, which the company bought at $7.4 million. Tyson Foods has been offering different products including beef items, pork items, vegetables, hot dogs, and bacon. OSI Industries acquired the company at a time its performance was not at its best, and immediately they embarked on a project to revive it, which seems to have started to flourish.

Entering Europe

The next project after dealing with local expansion is going to markets outside America. Europe was the starting point identified, and to get there OSI Industries acquired Flagship Europe, a company that offers several products including sauces and dressings, frozen poultry, sandwich fillings, marinades, and dips. This acquisition is believed to create a broader presence in Europe since Flagship Europe runs a number of subsidiaries. In addition to the acquisition of Flagship Europe, OSI Industries went for Baho Food, which also controls a number of subsidiaries in 18 European countries.

When OSI took over Baho, it also got the benefit of retaining the top management and its managing director as well as employees. The company has been working to reach its new targets of building a broader product portfolio that would also include reaching new customers. Most of the projects launched in the expansionary strategy are returning positive results and OSI Industries foresees a growth that will place the company in the map as a globally completive player in the food industry.

More about OSI Industries

Founded as a food processing company over a century ago, OSI Industries is now among the most established food processing and distribution companies in America and across the world. Its quest for a top status has seen the company embark on a project that is helping it grow into other markets.

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Posted on 12 September, 2017 in Entrepreneur, OSI Group

Having the right strategies in place has placed the OSI Group in the limelight as the most trusted food supplier in the world, and among the 58 largest private companies in America. OSI Group, which has a revenue of $6.1 billion, started as a small company, a hundred years ago in Illinois, as Otto and sons, before changing to OSI Industries in 1975. At this time, getting tenders to supply meat products to big brand hotels like McDonald’s, played a role in its rapid growth and popularity, which was an indication that OSI Group was ready to handle and accommodate the responsibility of being McDonald’s meat supplier. After this success, it used the business model applied to McDonald’s on its other hotels and restaurants like Pizza Hut, Starbucks, and Subway.

With the right leadership in place of Sheldon Lavin, the CEO, and chairman, OSI has spread its operations and established subsidiaries like the OSI International Foods, OSI Group, and OSI Industries, that provide various food products across the world in over 17 countries. This has created employment to over 20,000 people, who team up to provide the highest quality food, and enhance quality consumer experience Sheldon Lavin, who is highly skilled in meat and food processing, has been engaged in OSI’s operations, leading to several accolades in environment and sustainability. This shows how his accomplishments have lifted OSI into the international scene as it was even awarded the Global Visionary Award in India.

The success of OSI is seen with its recent purchase of the former Tyson Food Plant at$7.4 million.This Chicago based plant manufactured food in the hospitality industry like meatballs and chicken cordon.This has provided OSI with infrastructure leading to extension. Moreover, it is now better placed to attain the needs of their clients.

OSI provides a wide range of food products for a quick serve that is healthy for our immune for breakfast, side dishes, desserts, snacks, and lunch. These products include meat patties, bacon, pizza, vegetable and poultry products among others. This shows that it has grown into an international leader in protein products.

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