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Tips for Hiring the Right Event Planner

Posted on 01 February, 2017 in Event Planners

Planning an event, whether an intimate gathering or large function, can be intimidating. The sheer number of details is daunting. To alleviate the pressure and assure the desired result, many people turn to professional event planners.


It is important to hire a company that shares your vision for the event you are planning, and the best will have a gallery of photos to show their work. Twenty Three layers, for example, a New York Based company, has an extensive gallery that not only shows their knowledge of the industry but exhibits their unique style. Browsing a company’s website can tell you if they have a design aesthetic similar to your vision for the event.


When working with an event planning company, it helps to develop a close working relationship with good communication. At the very beginning, you will need to review your budget, venue, theme, menu and logistics for music and speakers. These details should be firmed up at the very beginning to avoid problems down the road.


Once you have worked out all of the details ask your event planner for their total budget. Get a detailed list of costs and fees and review all terms. When approved, sign your contract and don’t forget to review the fine print!


The brochures at the website for Twenty Three layers are good examples of what should be provided by a good planning service. Compare your contract with their website to make sure you have covered all the details now.


Stay in touch with your planner as they work on your event to confirm details and make sure all is going according to plan. You may want to independently check logistics and verify time sensitive details with providers. Minor adjustments as you go along are to be expected, but if they start to become a pattern as opposed to the occasional misunderstanding, don’t be afraid to fire your planner and go to your backup.


If all goes well, your event will be a success and you will have an excellent resource for the future.

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