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Yeonmi Park: A Friend in Need of Human Rights

Posted on 16 May, 2016 in Freedom

Yeonmi Park is a youthful North Korean by birth. She is currently living in New York. Park is the author of the most impressive book on the ascent of flexibility ‘ In Order to Live’. It was released on Amazon.
Park’s story has an enthralling feeling of the battle she experienced together with her family to get away from the pernicious administration in their local nation. Her journey commenced when Park was just 13 years of age. When she and her cherished mother fled to look for shelter in China. The two faced constant fierce assaults and starvation. They were also sexually misused by the Northern China criminals.
Yeonmi had no clue what the word freedom implied. Freedom was a word that was never on the lips of the local nation’s occupants. The main thing that mattered was for sustenance amid the harsh administration, she says.

In her book, the collection of memoirs, to Live, she catches the challenges she and her mom experienced. Park also captures the infringement of human rights in her local nation and a portion of China where they had fled to look for asylum. She sustained on blossoms, grass, grasshoppers, and bugs to get by amid her journey. They were trafficked and sold after entering China and subjected to two years of misery and embarrassment.

The young lady saw her mom assaulted a circumstance she will battle to endure. Park lost her dad to untreated cancer a couple of months after she crossed to China. He died without knowing the World ‘s numerous opportunities and sustenance. The air of abuse and torment was her day by day experience.

Yeonmi’s book has enlivened numerous readers and force pushed her into the spotlight everywhere throughout the World. However according to the, her story is greatly criticized. She, however, insists that her encounter was real.
Stop now 21 years is concentrating on criminal examinations in South Korea and filling in as a lobbyist. Yeonmi is a genuine living motivation to a few, and a friend in need of human rights.