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Company Secures Rank in the Inc. 500

Posted on 12 October, 2016 in Growing Companies, Public Relations

The internet has become the great equalizer in terms of giving a place for both customers and companies to rate and review one another. Nowadays if you are running a business it will become quite important for you to manage what the world sees on the internet in relation to what you do. Status Labs, an online reputation management firm, has long been one of the greatest digital reputation handling groups out there and now the company is earning some major recognition. The Inc. 500 recently released their list of the fastest growing companies around and Status Labs landed at #339.


The Inc. 500 is comprised of companies that have shown some quantitative forward momentum in terms of sales. Status Labs CEO Darius Fisher can look straight at the numbers to show that his company deserves to be included. From 2012 to 2015 Status Labs has showcased almost 1,100% growth while cementing themselves as the marquee for online reputation management. The Inc. 500 didn’t miss how integral Status Labs has become in the business world, and customers didn’t either.


Darius Fisher took over the CEO position of Status Labs when the former leader fell into disrepair due to some unfortunate remarks. Fisher had to come into a situation that could have been rough and calm the waters, which he did with aplomb. Now with Status Labs rejuvenated and showcasing excellent growth Fisher had this to say, “This achievement is a testament to the increasing demand” of their particular market. Fisher continued on by saying that he had plans to expand, grow, and hire as Status Labs continued its evolution.


The Inc. 500 may not quite be a household name yet but it is surely an indicator of future success. The Inc. 500 has already been home to some large companies like Yelp, Zillow, Timberland, Pandora and Dell. Gaining exposure on the Inc. 500 is a great way for companies to get some much needed recognition in their industry. Status Labs has already racked up over 1,500 clients across 40 different countries and we fully anticipate that to continue on into the future.

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