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Larkin and Lacey Know that Human Rights are Important

Posted on 12 June, 2017 in Human Right Violation

For both Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, human rights are a necessity. They have been working to fight for them for a long time and they have done many different things to make sure that they are helping people realize that they do have rights in the United States thanks to the constitution.

They want to be sure that each person is aware of their own rights and that they are able to get exactly what they need from those rights. It is something that the men originally did as they were working as reporters and that they now do as the owners of a foundation for people who are doing things to fight violations in human rights.

While the men were working as reporters, they found themselves in a situation where their rights were violated against. Since this was a field that they had always worked in, they knew that they didn’t do anything wrong and that they should be able to fight the problems that came from it.

They chose to fight the case and it was a good thing that they did because they won it in the end against the sheriff’s office that had originally violated their rights.

Since the men had chosen to report on the sheriff’s office and that they were doing things that were not legal, the sheriff’s office didn’t like that. Out of anger, the sheriff chose to have them arrested. This was completely illegal and went against their right to freely report on things that had a negative effect on the public.

Larkin and Lacey knew that since they did this, they were within their legal parameters. They also knew that the arrest was completely illegal and they started fighting the charges the minute that they were arrested for crimes they didn’t do.

After a lengthy court battle, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin eventually came to an agreement. The sheriff’s office was able to pay them a settlement that was over three million dollars for all of the problems that they had caused.

The men accepted the settlement and decided to use it to make things easier for people who had similar problems. They started the Frontera Fund and they use it now to help people who have had their rights violated. They want to make sure that people have the money that they need to be able to fight violations.