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Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert – A Life Well Lived

Posted on 11 July, 2018 in Business, Business Leaders, Industry, Investment Expert, Investor

The world has a way of recognizing excellence. Louis Chenevert has lived an interesting life. His career has spanned General Motors to the CEO of United Technologies. Even more interesting is how he achieved so many things. For one, his philosophy is that it does not matter where one starts out in life. What matters is where a person ends up. Louis Chenevert always knew, even from an early age, what he wanted. He was also endowed with the drive and skills to accomplish his goals.


The truth is Chenevert was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He achieved by working hard and being totally determined to succeed. His childhood, growing up in Montreal, was normal by any standard. Hi did, however, develop a keen interest for business and entrepreneurship at a young age. He somehow knew that hard work and boundless dedication would result in success.


His desire to achieve led him to enroll in the HEC Montreal Business School. He chose production management as his major. Production management is the process and oversight that ensure that a company produces products a high speeds, and with quantity and quality. Production management is critical for any company’s success. This is one of the areas that Chenevert focused on during his entire career. His expertise in production management led to a position at General Motors. He made his mark there for 14 years and then decided it was time for a change.


His next move was Pratt & Whitney. Pratt & Whitney is a business unit within United Technologies Corporation. The company produces aircraft engines. It only took Chenevert three years to receive a promotion to President. He brought the company back to a level of profitability. While the market as a whole experienced a downturn at that time, he kept his company afloat.


Chenevert then moved on to United Technologies Corporation where he served as Chairman. It was here that his dream of a geared turbofan engine materialized. His company, over the years, would invest close to $10 billion in development and design of the geared turbofan engine. It paid off, and the development put P&W back on the map. His success is also due to his ability to develop small teams of talented engineers and technicians. This is how to produce the type of result that exceeds customer expectations. This can lead to profitability.

The Chainsmokers Debut Album Continues To Lead The Charts In Its Genre

Posted on 09 July, 2018 in Industry, Music Entertainment, People, Singer

While they have been releasing singles for the past few years “Memories…Do Not Open” was the debut album for The Chainsmokers. It’s been a year since this album was released and sales are still brisk. It is presently #1 on Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart, a position it has attained 34 times since its release. This is expected to last for a while as nothing seems to slow this album downs.

This #1 ranking 34 times matches the 13-year-old album “Demon Days” put out by the Gorillaz. This put both of these albums in third place in regards to how many times an album in its category as managed this feat. “Memories…Do Not Open” is expected to earn #3 all on its own in short order.

When this album was released is charted in the #1 position in its category. It also topped the Billboard 200 which has music from all genres of music. There have been a number of smash hits off this album that has kept it at the top of the Top Dance/Electronic Albums category. It fell off the Billboard 200 but it has remained in the top five in its genre since April 2017.

Other releases in their genre have taken #1 upon release but “Memories…Do Not Open” continues to do very well. Other music artists to get #1 in Dance/Electronic Albums are Odesza, William Control, Above & Beyond, and Kygo. After the death of Sweden’s Avicci one of his albums also returned to #1 for a bit.

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart are The Chainsmokers. They are based out of New York City and have been a duo since 2012. They met through their mutual manager and say they hit it off both personally and professionally right away. They are unique in their genre in that they write much of their own lyrics and have also sung on them.

Over the past few years the Chainsmokers have partnered with other acts on some of the songs they have released. One example of this is “Kanye” which featured the vocal work of sirenXX.

Talos Energy is the Operator of the Mexico’s Zama-1 Well

Posted on 19 September, 2017 in Business, Industry

Mexico nationalized its oil industry in 1938, and Petróleos Mexicanos better known as Pemex was created to solely oversee all the activities in the oil sector; the Mexico’s government owns Pemex. For over 79 years, Pemex controlled Mexico’s oil industry. However, in 2015, Mexico voted to allow foreign companies to own and operate oil wells and other oil facilities within her borders.

Three companies won rights to prospect oil in Mexico: Premier Oil, Talos Energy, and Sierra Oil & gas. Talos is an American company, Premier is based in the UK, and Sierra is a Mexican firm. The three companies are currently undertaking their first venture, the Zama-1 well. The well is located in Sureste Basin off the state of Tabasco. In a statement issued by Premier in May 2017, the well would take three months to reach completion. Premier said that it would contribute $16 million towards the venture. Zama is estimated to hold over 500 million barrels of the crude natural resource. In the joint venture, Premier owns 35%, Sierra controls 40%, and Talos, which is the operator of the well, owns 35%.

Financial industry pundits have weighed in on Mexico’s decision to allow foreign players back into her oil industry. Elaine Reynolds of Edison Investment Research indicated that Zama would be the center of attention for players in the oil sector. He added that Zama 1 would likely be a success as shown by geological dynamics. Charlie Sharp of Canaccord Genuity suggests that Zama is an interesting well owing to the implications it would have on the Mexican market.

Talos Energy, the operator of the Zama well, is headquartered in Houston. The private company focuses on oil & gas exploration and acquisition of businesses in the oil & gas industry. The company’s activities are targeted at Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast. Talos Energy is associated with Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings LLC.

In 2013, WorkplaceDynamics indicated that Talos was the best workplace among small businesses in Houston. The CEO of Talos Tim Duncan has ensured that Talos’ employees own part of the company and are therefore motivated.