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Madison Street Capital Gives A Nod To ETFs

Posted on 23 August, 2016 in Investment Bankers

“Why give Exchange Traded Funds a nod, especially for the small novice investor?” queries Madison Street Capital investment expert. “They are traded like a stock, at a nominal expense fee and ETF’s are an easy approach to diversification into domestic and foreign markets.” ETFs offer a varied selection and is large enough that every investor will find happiness. “Other than diversification, ETFs are easy to use in trading, they offer reduced charges, investors are free to buy one day and sell the next, so they offer good liquidity. However, as you become accustomed to the rhythm of trading, it’s recommended to have an investment period of a few years to take advantage of the stocks full performance potential.

Why Novice Investors Favor ETFs?

Novice investors’ start out skittish about money and where they place their funds, but with ETFs, investors can change the composition of their portfolio in a few clicks. Individuals like having more control over their money. It gives them more confidence, thereby allowing for a better allegiance of more investors. Since coming on the market, there are a proliferation of different kinds of funds that are suitable for different kinds of investors, which has boosted their attraction. You also have different strategies to investing in exchange traded funds, like active and passive investing.

Most ETFs that track the markets are referred to as passive. These funds try to replicate the performance of the major markets like NASDAQ or the S&P 500 Index. However, not every investor is satisfied with meeting those benchmarks and they look to improve on their numbers. Active ETFs are managed more aggressively to beat market numbers.

Starting Out

Customarily, ETFs are bought directly through a depot. “Beginners should focus more on the well-known indices, like the Dow Jones,” advises Madison Street Capital expert. Remember not to put all your eggs in one basket, and establish a broad portfolio to diminish risk. Novice investors do not require large sums, so get your feet wet and perhaps even start out with a bond fund.


Founded in 2005, top-ranked boutique investment firm, Madison Street Capital focuses on recapitalizations, note sales, bankruptcy, restructuring, special distressed situations, and a full suite of other financial advisory services. The team of experts hail from some of the top firms in the industry. Many are frequent contributors to publications, and the team has led sizeable advisory assignments in excess of billions. Thorough valuations, in-depth analysis, and forward-looking statements are routinely a part of Madison Street Capital insight and services.

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How Investment Banking Means Growth for Small Businesses

Posted on 17 May, 2016 in Business Leaders, Investment Bankers

In the world of small business and startups, there is a strange fascination with capital. At the moment, it seems that venture capitalists and angel investors are getting all the spotlight. While they can provide a certain amount of value to investors, the true test of a capital firm is their ability to manage multiple resources on large international scale.

Investment banking serves as a vehicle to accomplish just this feat. It allows startups to leverage multiple currencies, investors, and portfolios to diversify their stocks and increase the value of their company. Certain investment banks specialize in early stage startups, other in late stage startups, and others cover all the bases.

An investment banker is an individual who has knowledge in the area of finance for companies. They can consult your company to ensure that you get the best deals available. Only then can you truly maximize your company’s potential for growth. If you don’t have your funds in the right vehicles, it can be dangerous for the health of your business. It would be like storing a sports car in the garage all year.

He is based out of Florida. He helps entrepreneurs raise the funds they need and manage them to grow. He has a track record of helping his clients achieve excellent results. His services are top notch in the industry.

Lustgarten holds Dutch and Venezuelan citizenship. He helps companies in Venezuela gain access to capital from the U.S. so they can grow and contribute back to the economy. This is important because of the trade deficits that large corporations attempt to place on countries like Venezuela, causing their economy to be unstable.

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