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Jeff Herman Blog Lauds Feldman’s Fierce Stance

Posted on 05 April, 2018 in Lawyers

The blog is about Corey Feldman, a former Hollywood child star who experienced sex abuse, supporting New York’s “Child Victims Act”. It explains that far only in New York, this Act would get rid of the current statute of limitation law and allow victims to take their abusers to court after the current statute of five years.

The blog does a great job of breaking the law down. It explains that In New York, once you are no longer a minor, meaning once you turn 18, you have five years to report sex abuse. Basically, you have until the age of 23 to report an abuser.

Jeff Herman also describes the interesting caveat which is that one would have only three years, not the regular five, if the individual belongs to a church or school. Basically, in that scenario, an victim would have until the age of 21 to take an abuser to court. The Child Victims Act would get rid of all of that and allow the victim to still take their abusers to court even after five years.

Back to Feldman being a victim of child sex abuse himself, he clearly wants to do all that he can to help pass this bill. The actor said that he wanted to make a difference with his presence and that children cannot get their “light” back after they’ve been abused. New York Democrats are strongly behind this bill and hope to make it federal.

Herman Law, based in Boca Raton, Florida, is a leading advocate for sexually-abused victims. They specialize in cases for sexually exploited and have taken on some of the most famous child sex cases to date. Child sex abuse cases like Jerry Sandusky, Rev. Neil Doherty, and Kevin Clash have all been ones that were prosecuted by Herman Law.

Pennsylvania’s Skilled Litigation Attorney: Karl Heideck

Posted on 08 March, 2017 in Lawyers

Karl Heideck is considered a leading litigation attorney in Pennsylvania. He is located in Philadelphia. Heideck has been practicing law for about a decade.

Heideck is a graduate of Temple University School of Law. He obtained a BA in English language and literature from Swarthmore College. He obtained both degrees with honors.

In his capacity of a litigation lawyer, Heideck has served the needs of an array of different types of clients. These include individuals, businesses, and different types of organizations.

Heideck is also adept at practicing products liability law, commercial law, and employment law. He also provides his clients with legal assistance in regard to regulatory compliance and risk management.

During his time in practice, Heideck has garnered a reputation for his strength in legal research and writing. These are extremely valuable attributes for a litigation lawyer.

The typical litigation lawyer begins his or her career with an employer that permits counsel a great deal of time in the courthouse. For example, many litigation attorneys cut their teeth in prosecutor’s office, on the federal, state, and municipal levels.

Although their are significant differences between criminal and civil court processes in the United States, working in a prosecutor’s office provides tremendous hands-on exposure to courtrooms. This is an invaluable experience for a lawyer intent on being a litigator.

Some litigation lawyers end up on the staffs of large law firms. Many big law firms in the United States maintain litigation departments.

There are also litigation lawyers that work for corporations, organizations, and governmental agencies. Finally, some litigation attorneys establish smaller firms and specialize exclusively, or nearly so, in representing clients in litigation matters.

Many litigators became interested in litigation while in law school. As a result they specialized in courses that include civil procedure, evidence, and courtroom practice. They also tend to have participated in moot court and law school clinics.

Finding Lawyers Has Never Been Easier

Posted on 22 February, 2017 in Lawyers

There are many situations in a person’s life where it may make sense to hire legal representation. Lawyers are needed for many typical life situations, including buying a home, going through a divorce, or any civil or criminal proceeding. Unfortunately, finding a lawyer can be a hard process at times due to the vast array of lawyers available and the little amount of information made public by the attorneys.

However, thanks to a new database, people in New York can now have a much easier time finding the right lawyer to meet their needs. The New York State Bar’s Association has recently unveiled a new online portal that can be used by people that are looking to find a lawyer. The database, which is available 24 hours per day and is constantly updated, will have plenty of information about lawyers that are available and taking new clients. This will include their location, reputation with consumers, and areas of practice.

In order to qualify for the database, the lawyer will have to meet a variety of criteria. This will include being in good standing with the State of New York, having a positive reputation, and have a set and stable practice.

When you are looking for a new lawyer online or otherwise, a great option to choose is Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein is an experienced New York attorney who is currently a partner with Jeremy L Goldstein and Associates.

Jeremy Goldstein can provide you with a number of different valuable services. His firm specializes in providing compensation advisement services to CEOs, businesses, and professional organizations. Prior to formally engaging Jeremy Goldstein, all potential clients will be able to get a full consultation to discuss the case, the legal process, what challenges need to be overcome, and what the potential cost structure could be.

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Labaton Sucharow LLP Pads Resume With $17 Million SEC Whistleblower Award

Posted on 11 November, 2016 in Lawyers

Labaton Sucharow LLP are at it again. The law firm recently announced that it secured the second-largest payout for an SEC whistleblower in the history of the United States. The anonymous whistleblower, working under the protection of Jordan A Thomas and Labaton Sucharow LLP, was awarded $17 million after the federal government levied fines against the whistleblowers public financial institution.

The law firm has a market-leading securities litigation platform and uses it to represent SEC whistleblowers that come forward under the protection of the Dodd Frank act. Labaton Sucharow LLP was the first law firm to specialize exclusively in the protection of SEC whistleblowers under the Dodd Frank act, and they take their job very seriously. That’s why the law firm went out and got Jordan A Thomas to lead the whistleblower protection program.

Mr. Thomas has been specializing in securities and exchange fraud for quite some time. He was a former litigator in the enforcement wing of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The experienced SEC whistleblower attorney also had a hand in crafting the SEC whistleblower protection provisions in the Dodd Frank act itself.

After leaving the SEC, Mr. Thomas was the first SEC whistleblower lawyer to successfully secure an SEC whistleblower payout under the Dodd Frank act. He was also the first lawyer to successfully defend an SEC whistleblower from a confirmed case of retaliation. In both cases, the experienced lawyer used his intimate knowledge of the Dodd Frank act to protect his clients.

And now Mr. Thomas has secured the $17 million payout for the anonymous whistleblower, adding to his resume. And the head of the whistleblower protection program at Labaton Sucharow LLP thinks these kinds of payouts are just the beginning. He believes that the Dodd Frank act is so well-crafted that more whistleblowers will come forward to receive their financial incentive and the protections that the act affords.

SEC whistleblowers are allowed to come forward anonymously while being represented by an experienced lawyer. The Dodd Frank act shields them from any retaliation but the anonymity guarantees protection. The whistleblower is also entitled to a large percentage of the fines levied against their own public financial institution. If they come forward under the rules of the Dodd Frank act, with the guidance of an experienced lawyer, a whistleblower can walk away with up to 30% of the total fines collected so long as those fines exceed $1 million.

The Altruistic Side Of Ross Abelow Shines Through

Posted on 12 May, 2016 in Lawyers

In his effort to help promote and foster a better understanding of the homeless animal population in New York City, Ross Abelow has established a Go Fund Me campaign to provide valuable financial assistance. This past winter was abnormally cold in the New York area, putting the thousands of animals in the city at risk of suffering from exposure to the extreme temperatures.

Abelow is seeking to enlist the support of others in the region to directly support animal shelters throughout New York City. They are in desperate need of medical supplies, vaccines, food, and blankets to keep distressed animals healthy and warm. This is a valuable cause that unfortunately has not gained the attention it deserves. Abelow aims to change all of that by raising $5,000 to purchase the aforementioned supplies. As a lawyer that has devoted his professional life to the people of New York City, this demonstrates his total concern for the region and all who call it home.

The need for this campaign became apparent to Mr. Abelow when he discovered that the animal shelters throughout the city were simply unable to take on any more animals due to a lack of money and space. This means that far too many homeless animals are left to wonder the streets alone. Like humans, they are scared, alone, and vulnerable. Raising the money to support the shelters is simply the right thing to do.

As a partner at the firm of Abelow & Cassandro, he has chosen to specialize in the area of family and entertainment law, as well as engaging in commercial litigation. As his career has evolved, he has also become increasingly adept at writing for a variety of legal and personal blogs. To keep the community informed of the latest legal news impacting the residents of New York City, Abelow has also established a visible presence of numerous social media sites, Facebook and Mashable among the most notable.

In terms of this current Go Fund Me Campaign, individuals simply need to go to the site that Mr. Abelow has established in order to contribute. In turn, the shelters will be able to expand their existing space and provide for more homeless animals in the coming months.

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