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The Trabuco: It’s History And Use In Modern Times

Posted on 03 October, 2017 in Old Weapon

The trabuco is also known as a trebuchet. This weapon of war was first invented by the Chinese. It was used during siege warfare or as artillary weapon against enemies. As a matter of fact, the trebuchet helped to develop modern artillary tactics that armies used during World War I and II. The following information will provide a general history of the trabuco and its use in modern times.

The trabuco first appeared in China in 400 B.C on The weapon was probably invented long before it showed up in historical records. However, 400 B.C. Was the year that it was first mentioned in a philosophical book known as the Mohjing. The weapon remained in China for many years. Various Chinese armies used it against each other in warfare.

The trabuco is a sling weapon. It has the ability to hurl objects great distances due to the mechanical energy that it uses to make a swinging motion. There are different size trabucos but most of them were large weapons that took 45 to 60 men to operate. Armies who used these artillary pieces had to have large numbers of soldiers to man them. Military units that did not have the manpower, utilized local villagers or volunteers from their area to operate the trabucos based on

A nomadic group from the land of Russia eventually brought the trabuco into Europe. They were known as the Avars and they encountered the Chinese in warfare along the northern borders of their empire. Once the trabuco was brought into Europe, it slowly changed warfare on the continent. Kingdoms could lay siege to other kingdoms and cities by using this weapon. In time, the trabuco helped to establish artillar warfare. Also, standard artillary tactics were created during this era. They are still in use today.

The trabuco was in use until the 15th century according to By that time, many modern armies abandoned this weapon for cannons and gunpowder. Currently, trabucos are used at pumpkin chucking contests around the U.S. And in some parts of Europe. Trabucos are used by teams to see how far they can sling a pumpkin. This is a fun activity that usually takes place during the fall season.

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