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Fabletics – Your Leading Partner In Athleisure Wear

Posted on 30 September, 2016 in Online Business News

The Athleisure wave has well and truly swept across the United States and the rest of the world. Athleisure is a trend fashion where clothing that has been previously confined to the gym and the running track is now part of everyday wear. More women are finding it inconvenient to keep changing clothes when they want to exercise, hence the launch of Athleisure wear. Finding the right outfit(s) that you can use for both purposes can be a challenge. Fabletics, a leading retailer of Athleisure wear, provides the best solutions.

Kate Hudson, the co-founder of Fabletics, believes that women need to be motivated and supported in their quest to live active lives. She, therefore, came up with a clothing line that made women feel beautiful and confident. Fabletics, which was previously an online store, has since opened several retail outlets, and leading to an increase in sales on Fabletics gives women the choice of wearing trendy outfits in bold colors that they can wear to the gym, the office or social functions. The brand features some of the trendiest wear available in the market.

A visit to the Fabletics website reveals that new incentives for the shopper were introduced. Shoppers are now able to sign up for VIP membership, which entitles them to a discounted first purchase ($25) inclusive of free shipping and returns. That means if you do not like the outfit, you can return it and get another one. A VIP member can also take a short lifestyle quiz, after which outfits are recommended and sent to you via email. You then have the choice to purchase the outfits by the fifth of the month, or wait until the next month to have the selections for the month sent to you again. Fabletics also does not ship handpicked outfits without the customer’s approval. They want you to choose it, love it and buy it first.

Fabletics has made shopping for Athleisure wear much easier for everybody. For the customer who has no idea how to choose leisurewear, there is the option of visiting Kate Hudson’s style pick page, Fabletics where she has put pictures of her favorite pieces. Fabletics wants women to know that they can live their passion every day, and look good while they are doing so. Fabletics wants to encourage women (and men, following their recent introduction of men’s line) that making the right lifestyle decisions is important, and they will support them all through. That is how and why Fabletics has become leading player in the Athleisure wear market because they provide solutions and partnership.


A Look At JustFab’s Success Despite Hurdles

Posted on 16 July, 2016 in Online Business News

What Is JustFab?

JustFab is an online fashion retailer. The company also has numerous fashion brands under its control including the sporty Fabletics brand designed by Kate Hudson and FL2. JustFab is also the owner of former online retail rivals ShoeDazzle and FabKids. They were acquired by JustFab and are now part of the company that does over a billion dollars in online sales now.

How Does Its Business Model Work?

JustFab has a subscription based membership business model. Members who are called VIP members pay a monthly subscription fee of $39.95 and are offered special deals, exclusive products, personalized recommendations and sales. Subscribers have an option to skip a month if they do not like the offerings or deals in the month. This must be done by the 5th of the month however. Otherwise, you will be charged the $39.95 monthly subscription fee.

As for the $39.95 fee, it can be used on any item offered for sale on JustFab. The subscription fee is not a fee to be able to shop, it is a credit that can be used to shop on the entire site. It also gives you access to special sales and exclusive offers that are only available to VIP subscription members at JustFab. The $39.95 credit also does not expire. If you decide to shop in a month but choose not to buy anything, you can still use it the following month. See:

What Is The Outlook For JustFab Into The Future?

JustFab is one of the few online subscription based retailers that is actually performing better than most of its competitors. The subscription based market has actually seen a major slow down and a slew of companies going bankrupt. Groupon for example which offers a subscription based service for access to elusive deals and promotions has seemed to have leveled out in its earnings. JustFab meanwhile is seeing increasing profits year after year. The company is also planning on opening actual stores where its clothing will be sold directly in major shopping areas. The company is also preparing for an initial public offering of its stock.

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Business Casual Is Getting More Casual

Posted on 28 May, 2016 in Online Business News

Business casual is getting more casual with help from companies like Fabletics. The athleisure trend is taking over everywhere, and it is even getting into the business casual world. This means that every woman who does not want to spend too much time trying to get her clothes ready can go with athleisure even to go to work.

They are now able to wear anything from Fabletics they want to a job that is going to be very hard on them, and that also means that they are going to be able to get the results that they want from their clothes without looking too casual. Athleisure is in the public eye like Fabletics, and it is something that all women will be able to wear comfortably. That is a very important thing for girls who are teachers or do other active jobs. They want to look nice when they go to work, and they want to be really comfortable. A woman that is willing to put in the time to get the right clothes needs to make sure she even considers things like yoga pants that are now in style.

She will feel better, and she will not have to worry about why the clothes are not working for her because they will always feel great.

She can wear these with very simple stylings, and she can wear very simple shoes with Fabletics clothes. That is something that all women need to really consider when they are getting dressed, and they also need to make sure that they have thought about all the different kinds of clothes that are going to make them look really good. It is easy for a woman to get dressed, but it is important that all of these women are going to be able to pick out a lot of the same assortments of clothes in different colors.

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Biker Jeans Are Blending Into Mainstream Fashion

Posted on 21 April, 2016 in Online Business News

According to a new article by Vogue, biker jeans are coming into fashion. The article explained that previously biker jeans were seen as bulky and for only utility purposes. However, now because of a few new brands coming out, biker jeans are being looked at differently. The article on Pinterest credited this move to female bikers who were tired of having to give up fashion for their riding. They wanted to be able to look good when they chose to ride their bike, but they also wanted to be safe and be wearing gravel resistant clothing. Those who are in this industry, the article made clear, are not saying that their clothing is a substitute for armored clothing that are made by specialist manufacturers. This is just an alternative that provides moderate safety for the softer and shorter rides that are being taken. The actual pant fabric is a combination of Dyneema and Tough Max, which are much tougher than denim and stop ripping. The fabric actually ends up being tougher than kevlar that is used in military grade combat helmets. There are other little features that are included, like insulation for chill, wind and the colder months and the belt loops and pockets are reinforced with metal rivets.

One brand that is embracing these fashion trends is JustFab on instagram. This company is an online manufacturer that sells directly to the consumer. They have in house designers and make their own clothing. This cuts costs significantly and allows the consumer to get great clothing at a small percentage of the price. The neat thing about that JustFab offers is a membership. There are several different types of membership, costing different amounts, but essentially the consumer takes a quiz and a stylist creates a custom collection for the consumer every month and they buy at least one item from the collection or they can accumulate and buy several items.

White Shark Media Review: Tips For Effectively Handling Customer Complaints

Posted on 11 April, 2016 in Business Partnership, Online Business News

Having happy customers very important in order to run a successful business. Sometimes customers may complain about the service they have received or a product delivered did not meet their expectation.

When a customer complains about the quality of service or other issues, it is extremely important that you take appropriate action immediately. Having a bad reputation or derogatory posts about your service or any other aspect of your business can be devastating to your business or professional profile.

White Shark Media understands how to navigate through a customer service issue. White Shark Media has been providing services for many years and knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to dealing with irate customers.

Whenever a customer or clients complains about any aspect of their business, White Shark Media takes immediate action to find out as much as possible about the issue and handle it satisfactorily. White Shark Media has a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who makes sure that all complaints are addressed and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Pod Nutz says that once they have listened to their customer’s entire complaint, they immediately apologize and sympathize with him or her to show that they are ready to help resolve the issue. It is imperative to apologize for the experience prior to saying anything else. It is also important to put yourself in the customer’s situation in order to show that you understand the feeling and sympathize with him or her.

White Shark Media has been recognized as a top rated digital marketing firm. The is well known for providing high quality services to clients and customers all over the world. As a reputable an reliable firm, rendering cost-effective promotional campaigns and marketing strategies, White Shark Media delivers a world-class customer experience.

Managing a successful digital marketing firm requires creativity and dedication to achieve immense growth in this competitive industry, but White Shark Media has the resources and expertise to meet the challenge. White Shark Media is fully committed to ensuring pleasant and satisfactory clients’ experience. The staff at White Shark Media accomplish this by communicating with clients and customers to ensure that they are completely satisfied with the services they have received – Watch here:

By addressing complaints promptly and appropriately, you can keep the customer happy and eliminate the risk of losing sales or business through bad press or word-of-mouth.