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Posted on 25 February, 2018 in Organic Drink

By the time this sentence is done, over 50,000 cups of coffee will have been drunk worldwide. That is if you are a fast reader. Coffee is that important, and it is what Organo Gold is all about, plus many other health products.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by the Philippine network marketing guru, Bernardo Chua. It is a group of companies which started with the primary objective of producing and marketing healthy organic beverages and later other products incorporated with the highly nutritious Ganoderma. Among the founding companies is Xianzhilon Biology Research Center. The China-based research facility conducts numerous tests on Organo Gold’s ingredients and final products to optimize their effectiveness on the consumer. This kind of advanced research backed up by high levels of market penetration gave the company the much-needed confidence to diversify their products from coffee to a number of other products. Watch this video on Youtube.

The company offers coffee, green tea, toothpaste, beauty soaps, vitamin supplements and for the sweet-toothed fellows, hot chocolate drinks all infused with Ganoderma. Ganoderma is a nutrient-saturated ingredient with benefits such as a lower insulin resistance among its users. It reduces prostate cancer susceptibility to its consumers, has high anti-oxidative properties and a number of other health benefits. The ingredient is extracted from a rather unlikely source, the lingzhi mushroom, scientifically known as “Ganoderma Lucidium.” This tells the lengths and depths Organo Gold is willing to go to provide the very best to its customers.

Furthermore, the company shows a strong desire to incorporate its customers in its work through the two main marketing and distribution strategies; multilevel marketing and commissions on sales. The firm offers commissions of as high as 50% on sales to its distributors, mostly the consumers. The multilevel marketing, on the other hand, offers seven types of partnerships to accommodate different kinds of partners. The only requirement is the purchase of any of the available product kits ranging from $49.95 all the way to $1250 with each kit having its own returns. Visit to know more.

On the other side of things, the company has had incredible success based on the number of testimonials on the company’s website. And in the health, lifestyle and fitness industry Organo Gold is into, results are what matter.