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“Marc Beer Is Doing What He Can To Tackle A Major Issue In Women’s Health: “

Posted on 08 October, 2018 in Entrepreneurs, Finance Biotechnology, People

Renovia is a revolutionary business venture that is working hard to change the face of medical treatment in the area of pelvic floor issues experienced by women. The company strives to find better ways to be able to perform diagnoses and treatment for this issue and to do so in a way that is cost-effective. At the head of the company is its Chief Executive and co-founder, experienced biotech entrepreneur Marc Beer. Marc Beer has an impressive twenty-five years working in biotech as well as pharmaceuticals. 2016 saw the founding of Renovia by Marc Beer alongside his business partners Yolanda Lorie and Ramon Iglesias.


One of the major goals that the team at Renovia has is to be able to deliver digital diagnostic and therapeutic devices that are used to treat women who suffer from the effects of pelvic floor disorders. The company recently announced a really exciting piece of new in that it has closed on $42 million plus in financing. This funding is going to be critical in order for Marc Beer and Renovia to perform the clinical trials necessary to get its products out there. Corporate development as well and product launches in the future will be covered by this new funding as well.


This exciting opportunity for the Series B finance was made possible by Ascension Adventures as well as Perceptive Advisors. There was also a contributing interest put in by Longwood Fund and OSF Ventures among others. The support of these groups is invaluable in the push to develop the best products possible to deal with the issue of pelvic floor disorders. Marc Beer is truly excited about this development and has talked about how he is thrilled to partner with a group of investors who are equally passionate about putting the work into this valuable medical work.


Renovia customers can soon look forward to being able to make use of the proprietary technology developed by the company along with a health platform in digital form. The data that this will provide for patients in terms of treatment options is going to be an invaluable resource. Marc Beer is a firm believer that receiving this valuable funding is a true sign of the recognition of the hard work that the team at Renovia has been putting in since 2016. It is a great satisfaction to Marc Beer to see all of this hard work starting to really pay off. Learn more:


Marc Beer: The man with a billion dollar vision

Posted on 27 September, 2018 in Entrepreneurs, Finance Biotechnology, People

Renovia Inc., – a company launched to provide a better, safer first line diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as pelvic floor dysfunction. Pelvic floor dysfunction is a condition characterized by a change of bowel movements and sometimes pelvic pains. It is estimated that over 250 million people suffer from it. As a way to arrest this condition with better drugs and diagnostics Renovia Inc., just raised 42 million dollars, where 32 million dollars came from series b investment, and the extra 10 million dollars was a venture debt. This will go in funding their new products for pelvic floor disorders and also producing a new generation of Leva products.

Renovia Inc. is based in Boston Massachusetts USA. It was founded in 2016 by Marc Beer a biotechnologist and pharmaceutical expert who have over 25 years of commercialization experience. The company has seen its first product – Leva. The product is believed to improve the muscles of the pelvic floor, hence treat urine incontinence. Longwood Fund, a healthcare based investor, invested early during round B of the investment. Earlier on, perceptive advisers a firm that invests in groundbreaking innovations in the healthcare sector had led the round of investors.

Renovia Inc. is headed by Marc Beer who is a distinguished biotechnological expert with over 25 years of experience in development and commercialization in diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. Marc founded the company alongside Ramon Iglesias who is the Managing Director and Yolanda Lorie. After launching the company, they successfully agreed to Round A investment with leading venture capitalists. Other leaders include William Dull who is the chief commercial officer. His role includes overseeing commercialization of the company both globally and locally. With over 30 years of experience in life science. As an accomplished executive, William took the post with a view of making the startup company to one of the most iconic healthcare companies of 2018.

Dr. Samantha Pulliam joined Renovia Inc., from the University of North Carolina where she had been an assistant professor in the department of obstetrics and gynecology. She was also the director of urogynecology and pelvic reconstruction surgery. With over 15 years of experience in technological development, Jose Bohorquez has taken the position of chief scientific officer of Renovia Inc. his specialization includes biosensors and medical devices. Lastly, Jessica McKinney, a clinician, and speaker serves as the director of the center for pelvic and women’s health- a program committed to improved physical and maternal health and education. Learn more:


Clayton Hutson: Growing Legend in the Music Industry

Posted on 25 July, 2018 in Music Entertainment, People

Successful entrepreneurs in the music production business must know what works and what doesn’t. Wrong decisions on national tours with artists known the world over, will get you kicked out of the industry quick.




Kid Rock has faith in Clayton Hutson, entrusting his second 2018 national tour to the jack of all music trades. The first tour of 2018, Kid Rock got himself into a lot of hot water. As stage manager, Hutson had to overcome roadblocks to make the tour work. Kid Rock’s “The American Rock N’ Roll Tour” was a success and the reason why Hutson was signed on for the second tour as production manager.




Clayton’s experience as both a stage and production manager allowed him to overcome obstacles. As a production manager for the second tour, the hurdles were manageable. When a touring team is assembled, more than experience is needed. Team members will be asked to live together day in and day out. It is this dynamic that finds Clayton Hutson excited about the prospects for this second tour. The manager feels he has a strong team.




Stage manager for Kid Rock’s first tour, Hutson dealt with the daily logistics of keeping the tour moving. Production manager for the second tour will hold a lot more responsibility for Clayton.




Hutson is staying very busy. The multi-faceted manager is finishing up a tour with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, where he worked as a lead rigger. Production Manager for the Kid Rock tour, Hutson will need to conquer problems before they hit.




Clayton Hutson resides in Nashville Tenn., which is quickly becoming a world hub for the music profession. He continues to build relationships while improving the position for his production company, Ronin Event Creative.




When one door closes, another one opens. Clayton Hutson seized the opportunity when his former companies business prospects started to dwindle. He combined his previous work experiences into one production company over the coming years.




When Hutson envisions set designs and other aspects of the live show, he relies on his vast experience. His core understanding of how everything must fit in and out the door makes him a rare asset.




Clayton is genuinely excited about technology that has encompassed music and live shows. He understands that concertgoers want to be wowed and amazed by what they see on stage. Hutson is keenly aware in the music industry if you sit back and rest on your accomplishments. You and your company will quickly become obsolete.

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The Chainsmokers Debut Album Continues To Lead The Charts In Its Genre

Posted on 09 July, 2018 in Industry, Music Entertainment, People, Singer

While they have been releasing singles for the past few years “Memories…Do Not Open” was the debut album for The Chainsmokers. It’s been a year since this album was released and sales are still brisk. It is presently #1 on Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart, a position it has attained 34 times since its release. This is expected to last for a while as nothing seems to slow this album downs.

This #1 ranking 34 times matches the 13-year-old album “Demon Days” put out by the Gorillaz. This put both of these albums in third place in regards to how many times an album in its category as managed this feat. “Memories…Do Not Open” is expected to earn #3 all on its own in short order.

When this album was released is charted in the #1 position in its category. It also topped the Billboard 200 which has music from all genres of music. There have been a number of smash hits off this album that has kept it at the top of the Top Dance/Electronic Albums category. It fell off the Billboard 200 but it has remained in the top five in its genre since April 2017.

Other releases in their genre have taken #1 upon release but “Memories…Do Not Open” continues to do very well. Other music artists to get #1 in Dance/Electronic Albums are Odesza, William Control, Above & Beyond, and Kygo. After the death of Sweden’s Avicci one of his albums also returned to #1 for a bit.

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart are The Chainsmokers. They are based out of New York City and have been a duo since 2012. They met through their mutual manager and say they hit it off both personally and professionally right away. They are unique in their genre in that they write much of their own lyrics and have also sung on them.

Over the past few years the Chainsmokers have partnered with other acts on some of the songs they have released. One example of this is “Kanye” which featured the vocal work of sirenXX.

What lies beneath the success of Clayton Huston?

Posted on 09 February, 2018 in Music Entertainment, People

What lies beneath the success of Clayton Huston?

The easiest way to make a winning dream career is to follow your passion. This analogy is best exemplified in the life of Clayton Hutson, or clay, as he is nicknamed.



Since he was young, Clayton Huston has spent most of his time interacting with music. His hard work and dedication, over the years, has earned him a rightful claim to be one of the best tour managers in today’s global music scene.



This is a fact he attributes to his hard work and dedication to his passion for music.



So what makes this guy a great tour manager?



The man wears several hats all at once. When setting up an event, Clay relies on his engineering skills to ensure that the stage is well laid out. He properly designs the rigs to give the artiste a platform on which to deliver their performance. The rigs need to be safe for everybody, serve the functional performance, and give a visually appealing outlook.



Clayton is a much-endowed music producer. He relies on groundbreaking technology to perfect the performance levels. This technology enhances audio consistency levels even in the varying scenes during a live concert. Example of such tech is the DIGICO SD11 console, which is a rack-mountable, portable device.



Each event during a tour or a concert is unique. This is a fact that must be on the mind of every successful tour manager. This, therefore, calls for creativity during the design for the event. Clay puts in hard work, combined with his skill as an experienced production designer and production manager, to enhance the quality of output during a live performance.



As a show producer, Clayton cleverly manages logistical operations so that everything runs like clockwork. During the event, Clay is also a show producer who goes to extra lengths to tailor the performance of the artiste.



Clayton is an experienced stage manager. He reinforces the effect of the artist’s voice with mind-blowing visual performance. He works with artists and producers to bring ideas into life on the stage. He understands that for remarkable audiovisual production, the overall layout of equipment and people needs to be perfect.



He, therefore, incorporates his design abilities, monitoring skills, event planning, stage management, and engineering skills into the event. He has stamped his authority in the field by working with globally renowned artists such as Pink, ‘Guns N Roses,’ and Kelly Clarkson. Learn more: