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How one small school is making waves as champions of competitive rowing

Posted on 09 October, 2017 in Education, School

Compared to most schools in Oregon, Oregon coast College may not be well known for their football or basketball programs, but if there’s one area that they excel in it is in competitive rowing. The team is once again off to nationals where it will compete against college teams from across the country in Gainesville, GA.


With throwing being one of the few purely amateur sports left, it is impressive to see just how far these competitors will go to compete against themselves. They don’t chase the dream of a seven-figure contract in the professional leagues, they only seek to challenge themselves in the teammates to be the best that they can be.


This little-known team 9 is Guided by assistant coach Steve Morris, who will trainees man how to act as a single cohesive unit. For them the sport is more about power and tempo, it’s a matter of being perfectly in sync with one another, willing to cover each other’s weaknesses and provide constructive criticism whenever possible.


While it may not get as much Glory as other sports, this legendary rowing program has produced some impressive stars who say the experience benefit them greatly. One such example is the head coach of Stanford University Craig Amerkhanian. He said that “OCC was the springboard I needed to get to the next level, academically, athletically and professionally.”


This message a personal growth and team cohesion is the bedrock of head coach Cameron Brown’s ideology. He believes that young man can grow physically and mentally by working together in such a precise manner. He went on record to say “You’ve got eight moving parts and everyone has to work together. It’s not just the physical development, but the mental maturation as well.”


The team is now chasing the 12th national title, something absolutely impressive for such a small school. Oregon Coast College clearly represents the best of men and can teach the strongest competitors how to become more than a single player. Thanks to this rowing program these men will continue to compete grow and impress us all once they leave school and enter the working world. Learn more: