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Venezuela Celebrates Their Volunteer Programs

Posted on 03 May, 2016 in Social Programs

With all the problems Venezuela is facing, there are some positive things going on there. Magic Noses was created at the end of 2009. The volunteers dress up like clowns and wear those big red noses. These volunteers are employed by Edenred Venezuela, a company that employees people for My Space social events. The volunteers visit places such as hospitals and nursing homes to entertain the 6,000 elderly people and children who are shut inside these facilities. Since 2009, Magic Noses has improved the mental outlooks of the elderly and children by providing the clowns’ visits to help patients pass the time.
The clowns entertain the elderly and children by making balloon animals, playing games, and performing improvisations. The clowns try to help their audience work on emotional issues. Magic Noses according to Diaz Granados is one of the largest volunteer programs in Venezuela. It is not just clowning around for these volunteers.

Magic Noses is just one of six volunteer programs out there to give Venezueleans something to do to help other people. One volunteer program will teach participants how to speak fluent Spanish. Other volunteer programs include, nature conservation, traveling classroom, facebook interaction and an adventure program. Venezuela invites people from other countries to visit and get involved in their special 2 month programs.