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Fantasy Football Comes Into Focus Following NFL Draft

Posted on 11 May, 2017 in Sports

The 2017 NFL Draft has finally been completed and now sees fantasy sports enthusiasts begin to take a look at which college football stars made the move into the big time of professional sports. Difficult questions must now be asked of fantasy football owners who have to make their own choice of which rookies to draft and which look set to join the long list of football players failing to make the grade at professional level; for most NFL fantasy team owners the perceived good choice for the future of their own fantasy prospects has been to steer clear of rookies, but the success of offensive rookies for Dallas in 2016 has made many look to change their way of looking at their teams for the future.


Looking away from setting an MLB lineup at to make some tough choices on how best to create an NFL roster that will lift any individual to the top of their respective Fantasy Alarm league. There are many winners and losers who have been identified as early as the day after the 2017 NFL draft as some teams look to have made major gains in terms of adding talent, speed, and strength to their rosters for the upcoming season, included in the list of early winners are the Carolina Panthers, Houston Texans, and quite amazingly the Cleveland Browns. In 2017, fantasy owners should have no qualms about adding members of the Browns defense to their roster as the addition of the number one overall pick and other high quality defensive players shows Cleveland may soon be a city teams actually feel nervous about playing in.


As much as it is important to look for the winners in the 2017 draft, it is just as important to identify teams who seem to have failed to address their needs and may struggle in the coming season. The Chicago Bears are classed as a team who could struggle in the coming season after letting their starting quarterback leave in the close season and deciding to replace him with a number two overall pick who should make it easy for fantasy owners to decide against drafting offensive players from the historic Chicago franchise.