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Andy Wirth’s Survival Story

Posted on 20 April, 2016 in Squaw Valley, Survival Story

Squaw Valley CEO and President Andy Wirth had a near death experience on October 13th, 2013 when he crash landed skydiving with JT Holmes in Lodi, CA. The weather on that fateful day was very windy and when Andy opened his chute, he missed the landing spot, instead, he crashed in a vineyard that had steel posts and wires that caused severe trauma on his right arm.

One of those poles almost completely severed his right arm and, due to the extensive blood loss, almost took his life. Surgeons were able to reattach his arm. Since his injury, he’s spent 50 days in the hospital in Davis, CA had 21 surgeries on his right arm. Andy will be forever grateful he is alive; his right arm wonÕt return to its main strength as he lost his bicep muscle during the deadly crash.

A BloomBerg article posited that Andy Wirth founded two philanthropic charity organizations namely, Wounded Warrior Support and the Crowdrise campaign. These two charities are dedicated to helping the Navy Seals, and itÕs veterans and their families with some financial support to put them on the right track to move on and have normal lives –

During his rehabilitation, he became acquainted with a group of Navy SEALs training in Squaw Valley. No wonder in his Facebook page, Andy Wirth considers their support and mentorship integral to his recovery.

Andy Wirth is an accomplished triathlete with a focus on cycling and running but his passion has always been for skydiving. has made a name for himself as an environmental activist and a nature thrill seeker.