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Learn About The Show Queens Of Drama

Posted on 17 March, 2016 in Television

Do you want to know what Queens of Drama is about? Read on to find out what it’s about, who the characters are in it and more.

What’s The Show About
Queens of Drama is a reality show that centers around numerous former soap opera actresses. The actresses’ goal is to land a new series on television. Developing a show, pitching and producing a show are all the things the actresses do throughout the show. They work hard to make everything happen by the end of the season.

The show features popular former actresses, which include Lindsay Hartley, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo and Vanessa Marcil. The show also stars the very talented Crystal Hunt, who has many fans from all around the world.

About Crystal Hunt
Crystal Hunt is one of the most popular actresses on Queens of Drama, and she has been on the show since 2015, which is when the series first started to air on television. Metacritic says on the show, Hunt is a well-balanced character who is all about business, but she is also compassionate and is an overall good person who is passionate about acting and she is a good business woman.

She has also done plenty of work outside the show, including having a huge base of Facebook fans. When she was just a child, she ended up participating in pageants that centered around acting, and since then she has gone on to star in many commercials. She starred in a commercial with the former band NSYNC and she once starred in a commercial for the Walt Disney Company.

As you can see, Hunt is a very talented actress and a successful businesswoman.