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CTRMA Has a Plan For The Austin Area

Posted on 27 January, 2017 in Texas Transporation

Mike Heiligenstein currently serves as Executive Director for the well-known and highly-followed Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA). Both he and the company are based out of Austin, Texas. The CTRMA serves as an independent agency of the government and was formed in 2002. Central Texas has always been the primary region of service and support intended through the company, and this special area has always been at the forefront of the company’s largest demands. Designing modern regional transportation networks for this area have always been a primary goal as well.


Mr. Heiligenstein has been quite active in his local area of Austin as of late. In fact, he has just more recently made front page headline news across different Texas newspapers for his efforts toward local transit issues and barriers. It appears that he and other executives have met at a hotel conference center to discuss the blessings, possibilities and potential pitfalls that technology is currently placing on the business of transportation. There was a lot of speculation and support, and the overall message intended was met with both a hearty applause and a room full of open minds.


“While most transit discussions in the Austin area focus on the city itself, Thursday’s Williamson County Growth Summit was an opportunity to frame transportation challenges around the needs of the region’s suburban communities. The panel discussion included Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority…(, PG. 1, PARA. 1 and 2)


Vehicles with no drivers inside of them, as well as apps for continued ridesharing, are only a few of the possibilities for greater things to come. It appears that when great minds come together to share ideas and input, great minds complement each other and truly think alike. The overall weekend event was highly praised as a success in the end. As promised, there is always more to come with the future potential of this great organization and its respective Executive Director. Both are advancing at a very rapid pace, and neither seems to tire or slow down; we will see how it all pans out in the end, for time itself is the only real and final determining factor of all things.


Improved apps, autonomous vehicles, service stations, new parking garages and more great inspirations are on the way. Stay tuned. You may follow this company on Twitter or Linked In for more information, updates and blueprints of what’s to come.

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