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“Freedom Checks”:The Path to Tax-Free Income

Posted on 17 September, 2018 in Trading

With the tax plan going through, there are many companies that will be looking forward to the tax breaks they receive. The American public should also see a reduction in the taxes they are required to pay and may end up with more money. With this added cash they could use it for other things besides paying Uncle Sam. With this extra money that Americans will have, they may be able to take advantage of an investment opportunity that will enable them to generate more tax-free income. The investment is called “Freedom Checks”. The more money that an investor puts in this investment will determine how large a check they will receive. People of all income levels and age groups can start to take advantage of this strategy that is even overlooked by stockbrokers with years in the business. Read more about Freedom Checks at

Matt Badiali was the financial advisor who was promoting hard to get the public to invest in “Freedom Checks”. He has been urging everyday people to take action, so they too can start receiving these payments. The “Freedom Checks” strategy involves buying shares in a “Master Limited Partnership”. These are companies with huge tax advantages that get shared with the investor. An MLP is not subject to pay federal income taxes if they pay ninety percent of their profits to their shareholders. Investors benefit by getting a larger distribution check than a normal dividend paying company typically distributes to its own shareholders. A bonus to the investor is they do not have to pay income taxes on their distributions.


Getting started with investing in MLPs is simple. A person needs to have a brokerage account and a small starting capital. The good news is that you don’t have to be wealthy to take advantage of this investment strategy. Depending on how much money an investor can place in shares of an MLP, they could receive payouts that are higher than they could get if they were on Social Security. This could also be a perfect addition to supplement an individual’s Social Security benefits. With proper due diligence, one can determine if investing in “Freedom Checks” is an appropriate investment. Read this article at Money Morning.