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How To Select A Perfect Wedding Venue

Posted on 03 March, 2017 in Venues

Finding a wedding venue that will transform your dream into reality up to the last detail is a challenge that most couples face. Fifth Avenue is home to one of the most spectacular event hosting locations, The Manhattan Penthouse. This is a spectacular venue that hosts not only ethereal weddings, but also accommodates corporate, social, and nonprofit events in New York.


The president who also doubles up as the founder is Sam Milliken, a renowned catering executive. He has tirelessly worked and developed a unique and sought after wedding venue NYC.


It started out as a social catering business in 1973. Sam Milliken saw the need to have a venue where he could host special events, and he stumbled upon this penthouse that previously housed various industry giants. He transformed this space into a magnificent ballroom and reception area for the premier Manhattan Penthouse.


It is serviced by top industry executives who are highly skilled, supportive, and attentive to the wellbeing of the clients. It boasts of a renowned world-class chef, who is accustomed to catering for different distinguished palates.


These executives have been in this profession for decades, catering to the needs of several brides and ensuring that instructions are followed to the latter. This has resulted in countless positive reviews from each bridal party that has experienced the magic of The Manhattan Penthouse.


The space of the Manhattan Penthouse is magnificently constructed, and on most occasions, there is little compulsion to add a lot of d├ęcors. The exception is when the bride chooses to enhance the setup.


It is paramount to consider all your options when selecting a wedding venue. This is because the venue will set the tone for the whole ceremony, and also impact greatly on your budget. Therefore, when selecting a wedding venue, it is advisable to formulate a draft budget, and a venue research spreadsheet that will help you highlight the pros and cons of each location.


A venue research spreadsheet is an effective and efficient way to help in the organization and review of wedding venue proposals. This spreadsheet should be able to store specific details for the venue such as the name, availability, layout and capacity, rates and charges, time restrictions, parking and transportation provisions, and the facility extras.


When done properly, the spreadsheet will assist in the selection of the venue as well as the projected budget. By combining it with the draft budget, it will give an overview of the expenditure and, therefore, help in planning. It will also assist to encompass the general wedding vibe by ensuring all factors and options are considered.


The Manhattan Penthouse offers the best of New York through magical views, great food, and a dedicated staff. It boasts an extensive client list featuring Deloitte Consulting, Merrill Lynch, Ralph Lauren Polo, among many others.