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Lime Crime Owner Doe Deere

Posted on 14 December, 2016 in Women in Business

The Russian born Ms. Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She created the company to inspire people to be creative.


Rather than liking natural appearing makeup, Doe Deere likes to experiment with a range of colors to create fun makeup looks. With this mindset as her inspiration, Doe Deere started Lime Crime makeup in the year 2008. Doe Deere worked hard and achieved her dreams with the company by enticing customers with vibrant beautiful makeup colors.


Initially Lime Crime was Doe Deere’s fashion store on eBay. She arranged this store by putting together her fashion sewing pieces. She decided to add makeup to the company because she couldn’t find enough brightly colored hues. Her notice of this lack of color in the makeup industry paid off. The makeup caught on among makeup fans.


Each day at Lime Crime headquarters, Doe Deere meets with the creative director, president, and the vice president. She is on her feet so much speaking to different people in her company, that she has to answer emails on her iPhone.


Another part of the Lime Crime business relies on their creative decisions. They spend weeks or months on their new ideas.


Doe Deere feels that consumers new found respect for e-commerce business is a positive new aspect of the makeup industry. A while ago people said that women would not be interested in buying lipstick from online stores. This opinion has since changed as many women have bought lipstick from online makeup stores.


Doe Deere says that she wishes she had started her business earlier. She encourages others to start their business earlier. She also recommends business owners to set up a good customer service line and to trust your gut. She says one of the other business tips she has is to respect your workers and suppliers. The business related book Doe Deere recommends to aspiring entrepreneurs is: Think Big and Kick Ass by Donald Trump.


The worst thing that happened to the Lime Crime company was a security problem with their website. They have since fixed this problem. Doe Deere says the company now uses Norton and Trustwave to keep their website and their customers completely safe.

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QNET Empowering Women Throughout the World

Posted on 24 March, 2016 in Women in Business

QNET is a a direct selling company based in Asia. They specialize in selling products directly to consumers. QNET mainly sell products such as women’s health, wellness and beauty, makeup, and luxury watches. QNET is a perennial frontrunner when it comes to promoting women starting their own businesses, and being the breadwinners of their families. In this day and age it is ever so important that women have a direct impact on the global economy. Not only do they keep things peaceful, but they are able to facilitate a well oiled machine that keeps the economy rolling. 

Women are naturally nurturing and therefore play a pivotal role when it comes to getting things done. Their nurturing nature allows them to prevail with cool heads, when otherwise a male would make foolish mistakes because he let his emotions get to the best of him. This is why QNET firmly believes that women are no longer just the ones who are supposed to stay at home all day, and do mundane task such as washing dishes, cleaning the house, washing clothes, and taking care of the children. All the things that has traditionally been set for a women to do is no longer set and stone.

QNET was founded in 1998 in Hong Kong. With more than 25 offices and locations throughout the world. It is easy to see that QNET is a leader when it comes to the direct selling industry. QNET also participates in sponsoring sports teams throughout the world. The sports they sponsor include badminton, football and many more. As of recently QNET just signed a new sponsorship for 3 years with the Manchester City Football Club. For more information please feel free to visit this link.