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CEO Of American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy Focuses On The Perks Of Joining The AIA

Posted on 17 October, 2018 in Master Architect

The CEO of American Institute of Architects Robert Ivy recently shared his views on professional and trade associations. He believes that the learnings acquired from schools and colleges shape up an individual to play diverse roles in different industries, but for some roles, one needs to get trained with exclusive knowledge and tactics to become a leader and senior manager. Visit to know more about Robert Ivy.


With over 98,000 trade and professional associations in North America, they are attracting individuals and companies in huge numbers. The scope for educational progress in these associations is vast. With exceptional study material and customized tools, allow the individual to gain knowledge and aim for industry awards. They provide information on their website, webinars and through newsletters.


Robert Ivy mentions that the Architecture fraternity is based on certain principles and all the members of the professional society have to follow the rules and guidelines for a continued membership. He believes that individuals can get lucky with information on current job openings by networking at events, conferences, and seminars. The events are joined by market leaders from diverse industries thus a casual conversation with them can sometimes lead to a job interview but career guidance is a common thing in these events.



A membership with a professional organization adds credibility to the individual’s portfolio which is perceived by many industries. It shows how dedicated one is to their field of interest and they stay upskilled with the latest technologies trending in the market. It also implies that the individuals have leadership qualities inculcated in them and makes the resume look different from the rest.


Robert Ivy understands that choosing the perfect organization can be a difficult task. He insists that one should start by asking for feedback from colleagues and friends who have been a part of a relatable professional association. Basically, the associations can be broadly divided into two categories, one which attracts more young professionals while the other is designed for veterans in the market. According to Robert Ivy, it is advisable to join more than one organization if possible. The perks and resources cost between $50-$1000 depending on the association and the regions. Follow Robert Ivy at Twitter.

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