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Clayton Hutson: Growing Legend in the Music Industry

Posted on 25 July, 2018 in Music Entertainment, People

Successful entrepreneurs in the music production business must know what works and what doesn’t. Wrong decisions on national tours with artists known the world over, will get you kicked out of the industry quick.




Kid Rock has faith in Clayton Hutson, entrusting his second 2018 national tour to the jack of all music trades. The first tour of 2018, Kid Rock got himself into a lot of hot water. As stage manager, Hutson had to overcome roadblocks to make the tour work. Kid Rock’s “The American Rock N’ Roll Tour” was a success and the reason why Hutson was signed on for the second tour as production manager.




Clayton’s experience as both a stage and production manager allowed him to overcome obstacles. As a production manager for the second tour, the hurdles were manageable. When a touring team is assembled, more than experience is needed. Team members will be asked to live together day in and day out. It is this dynamic that finds Clayton Hutson excited about the prospects for this second tour. The manager feels he has a strong team.




Stage manager for Kid Rock’s first tour, Hutson dealt with the daily logistics of keeping the tour moving. Production manager for the second tour will hold a lot more responsibility for Clayton.




Hutson is staying very busy. The multi-faceted manager is finishing up a tour with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, where he worked as a lead rigger. Production Manager for the Kid Rock tour, Hutson will need to conquer problems before they hit.




Clayton Hutson resides in Nashville Tenn., which is quickly becoming a world hub for the music profession. He continues to build relationships while improving the position for his production company, Ronin Event Creative.




When one door closes, another one opens. Clayton Hutson seized the opportunity when his former companies business prospects started to dwindle. He combined his previous work experiences into one production company over the coming years.




When Hutson envisions set designs and other aspects of the live show, he relies on his vast experience. His core understanding of how everything must fit in and out the door makes him a rare asset.




Clayton is genuinely excited about technology that has encompassed music and live shows. He understands that concertgoers want to be wowed and amazed by what they see on stage. Hutson is keenly aware in the music industry if you sit back and rest on your accomplishments. You and your company will quickly become obsolete.

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