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Dr. Jennifer Walden and her empathetic side

Posted on 13 June, 2018 in Doctors, Plastic Surgeon

After having worked in the New York City area for over 7 years, Dr. Jennifer Walden moved back to her home in Austin, Texas primarily because she wanted her children to be closer to the family. After having been so successful in the New York area, she had her own apprehensions about able to scale her business in the ‘music capital of the world’. To her surprise, she already had two people book her by the time she landed. That’s when she felt that Austin had a great potential for the plastic surgery field and also for a fact that there were not a lot of options in the area like other major cities in Texas.

A lot of people aren’t aware of the fact that Dr. Walden has studied psychology during her undergrad and it motivated her to understand and help people, especially women. She felt that plastic surgery is one of the ways women could feel more confident about themselves and if she could make a difference in their lives, she would be doing great service to her profession. She mentions that instead of having low self-esteem, surgery paved way for their happiness. It made them better than before and that, according to her, is one of the prime responsibilities of a practitioner. To know more about her click here.

Dr. Walden is very empathetic towards her patients have been through a set of personal experiences where she saw a difference in her body during her post-pregnancy phase. She is very outspoken about the fact that she has undergone Botox and laser surgery to her face to tighten some areas in her skin. She understands the exact mental state of her patients as she is able to connect with them in a very professional way. These are some of the many reasons why she is the most preferred plastic surgeon in the Austin, Texas area.


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