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Eric Pulier Positively Transforming Lives

Posted on 29 July, 2016 in Business, Business Leaders

Eric Pulier is a famous person in the United States and beyond. His fame emanates from his contributions in any aspects of lives of every citizen as a result of having many different investments from his entrepreneurial and technology background. The investments have positively influenced the lives of those near his investments, and beyond. He has co-founded, among others; Digital Evolution, Akana, US Interactive, Media Platform, ServiceMesh, Desktone, and the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council. Alongside his ventures, he has funded, many charitable organizations as well as providing resources for startups more so in technology and media. Most of which have emerged successful

In these philanthropic efforts, and being a father to four kids, he has promoted and campaigned for the health of many children, funding and coming up with significant projects for the kids with chronic illnesses and disabilities. His efforts help the children understand their body; the way it functions, understand more about diabetes, and how the medications they take helps them. To the physically challenged, he has developed a technology that helps solve the problems that face the physically challenged in the daily growing economy. He is also a donor to the XPRIZE Foundation, which is a non-profit making organization designed to manage public competition and hence impact humankind.

Eric Pulier has played a significant role in almost every part of human life, be it health, technology, politics, economy, mention them all. All in the aim of seeing that there is a better world for each and every person and for the generations to come. To those he hasn’t interacted directed with, he motivates them through his mentor-ship and public speaking forum, which sees him raise greater men and women of the world, Eric reaches out to people through his articles and books he has authored. However, he has a greater passion for helping children, which has seen him fund many organizations that help children suffering from chronic illnesses and those that are challenged physically. But in as far as he helps the kids, Pulier helps each and every person; the kids are the leaders of tomorrow, and they sure will help others. In his ventures, however, he has touched the lives of many others, other than kids.

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