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Fabletics Dresses For Success

Posted on 17 February, 2017 in Fashion

Active women who want to look great while they are working out (and while on the go at work or in their social lives) have long looked for fashions that could carry them through their entire day. Looking for these fashions used to involve a lengthy day at the shopping mall, trying on pieces until something came together that fit right and flattered. Now that ritual has changed, due to the massive influence of the Internet on our shopping lives.


Today, online shopping is a major way for consumers to shop for fashion. Due to this, e-commerce companies have come forward to satisfy those shoppers’ needs for clothing that looks great and fits right. Right now the fashion e-commerce world is becoming more competitive than ever, especially since now takes 20 percent of the fashion market share online. Add to all this the pressure put on new companies to deliver much more than great fashion, and you’ve got a highly competitive market that’s getting tougher to break through every day.


Fabletics Shows Its Stuff


Right now new companies are expected to offer much more than quality merchandise. They now offer unique brand experiences and last mile service as well. Yes, it’s a lot to ask, but some new e-commerce fashion companies, like Fabletics, are really proving themselves to be winners in this tough market.


Since its launch just three years ago by actress Kate Hudson and her partners, Fabletics has been valued at $250 million. That’s an incredible success story, especially in such a hot market. Fabletics has broken through due to its combination of quality activewear that looks great and has enough versatility to work as clothing for daytime or evenings out. These workout items are also priced affordably, so they are available to a wide range of women.


VIP Service


There’s one other aspect of this company’s success that can’t be ignored. Fabletics offers a monthly VIP service that allows customers to receive a regular selection of clothing (curated by Hudson herself), that’s geared towards that customer’s taste in workout wear. Hudson herself is also an asset to this brand, as her appealing image and athletic lifestyle make her the kind of woman the company’s customers aspire to be.


Add up all these elements and you’ve got a recipe for success, and right now Fabletics is taking it to the bank.

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