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Fabletics is Changing the way we Look at Athletic Clothing

Posted on 31 May, 2017 in Fashion

If you’ve been on social media recently, chances are that you’ve seen an advertisement for Fabletics. That’s because Fabletics seems to be taking the fashion industry by storm. Fabletics is a company that specializes in athleisure but it’s not just any athleisure. These clothes are comfortable, stylish, and affordable. They keep up with all the latest trends while having different patterns and styles that set them apart from the competition. Kate Hudson has been doing a fabulous job in marketing her brand. That’s why the brand has kept a steady stream of followers.


Hudson launched her brand using a subscription based service. This allows users to get a different workout outfit each month for a fee. This is great because it’s exactly what millennials crave. They love having something new in the mail each month. It gives them something fresh and something to look forward to. It’s great the Hudson was able to find her niche. Other companies operate in different ways, but Fabletics has seen success with this service. Not to mention, their prices are affordable. This makes them the target of young adults and college-aged students.


Fabletics has branched out and they now operate physical stores. This is great for the company because so many people are nervous about buying something before trying it on. Potential customers can go to a store, try on an outfit, and decide what size fits them best. There are so many different sizing options across the board these days. It’s hard to know which size is which. That’s where physical stores come in. They help to relieve people’s anxiety about buying something they’ve never tried on before.


According to CNBC, Hudson’s fashionable and affordable fitness line has taught her many valuable lessons. For one, Hudson was able to identify a marketing opportunity. She saw there was a need for affordable clothing and that’s where her launch came in. The VIP member prices for Fabletics starts out at $49 a month. It’s an affordable price range for anyone who wants cute styles delivered to them each month. Fabletics is also reaching women of all different sizes. They have a line that goes from sizes XXS to 3X. Overall, Fabletics is really changing the way that many folks look at athleisure. It’s helping people all over the country to see that they can buy into this style and look good no matter what errands they are running.

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