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Fabletics – Your Leading Partner In Athleisure Wear

Posted on 30 September, 2016 in Online Business News

The Athleisure wave has well and truly swept across the United States and the rest of the world. Athleisure is a trend fashion where clothing that has been previously confined to the gym and the running track is now part of everyday wear. More women are finding it inconvenient to keep changing clothes when they want to exercise, hence the launch of Athleisure wear. Finding the right outfit(s) that you can use for both purposes can be a challenge. Fabletics, a leading retailer of Athleisure wear, provides the best solutions.

Kate Hudson, the co-founder of Fabletics, believes that women need to be motivated and supported in their quest to live active lives. She, therefore, came up with a clothing line that made women feel beautiful and confident. Fabletics, which was previously an online store, has since opened several retail outlets, and leading to an increase in sales on Fabletics gives women the choice of wearing trendy outfits in bold colors that they can wear to the gym, the office or social functions. The brand features some of the trendiest wear available in the market.

A visit to the Fabletics website reveals that new incentives for the shopper were introduced. Shoppers are now able to sign up for VIP membership, which entitles them to a discounted first purchase ($25) inclusive of free shipping and returns. That means if you do not like the outfit, you can return it and get another one. A VIP member can also take a short lifestyle quiz, after which outfits are recommended and sent to you via email. You then have the choice to purchase the outfits by the fifth of the month, or wait until the next month to have the selections for the month sent to you again. Fabletics also does not ship handpicked outfits without the customer’s approval. They want you to choose it, love it and buy it first.

Fabletics has made shopping for Athleisure wear much easier for everybody. For the customer who has no idea how to choose leisurewear, there is the option of visiting Kate Hudson’s style pick page, Fabletics where she has put pictures of her favorite pieces. Fabletics wants women to know that they can live their passion every day, and look good while they are doing so. Fabletics wants to encourage women (and men, following their recent introduction of men’s line) that making the right lifestyle decisions is important, and they will support them all through. That is how and why Fabletics has become leading player in the Athleisure wear market because they provide solutions and partnership.


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