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Former Ambassador Daniel Taub and His Tenure

Posted on 19 October, 2017 in Entrepreneur

The former Israeli ambassador to Britain is Mr. Daniel Taub hose tenure was highly successful. During the four years of which Mr. Daniel Taub was at the position, he helped bring about a vast number of positive changes and various improvements. Read more: Daniel Taub | About and  Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Mr. Daniel Taub started his four years of tenure back in June 2011. Bt the end of that time, Mr. Daniel Taub had managed to strengthen the relations between the United Kingdom and Israel in many significant ways. The two countries are stronger bonds in terms of education and culture, as well as business and trade.

In fact, the trade between the two nations doubled, and more than three hundred Israeli enterprises opened offices in the United Kingdom. These achievements did not go unnoticed as Mr. Daniel Taub was repeatedly recognized for them during and after his tenure of four years.

Mr. Daniel Taub was born and raised in England where he was a part of an Israeli community. Over the course of his life, Mr. Daniel Taub became actively involved in community work. He later traveled to Israel where he occupied several positions. He was in the military and he then also worked in office.

One of his jobs was as a peace negotiator. Mr. Daniel Taub was recognized for his negotiation skills, and so he was one of the leading voices in the peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine. Mr. Daniel Taub worked together with a Palestinian counterpart. They had the assignment to travel to Northern Ireland where they would learn about peace and other cultural examples they could take back home.

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One of the many examples of Mr. Daniel Taub and his work towards strengthening the cultural connection is found in the situation in Bradford city. The city was proclaimed as an ”Israel-free zone” by one of the official George Galloway. He made some bold statements about Israeli people using words such as ”savages”, ”barbarous” and many others. Mr. Daniel Taub, however, was not phased by his outrageous speech as he had heard it all before at one point or another.

At a later point, Mr. Daniel Taub even visited the city of Bradford. He had received invitations from the church, the city hall, and several others. While many thought that the speech that George Galloway had mane also applied to the citizens of Bradford, Mr. Daniel Taub found out that the case was quite the opposite. The citizens were extremely welcoming.

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