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Goettl Air Conditioning Announces The Acquisition Of Southern California’s Walton’s Heating And Air

Posted on 10 August, 2017 in HVAC Company

Recently, Goettl Air Conditioning disclosed that it had acquired Walton’s Heating and Air, a southern California based HVAC Company. The financial information regarding the deal was not disclosed. Goettl’s acquisition of Walton’s will enable the company to grow beyond what Todd Longbrake, its owner, could achieve on his own. Additionally, it allows Goettl to start solidifying its presence in California. Goettl already is rendering its services and offering its products in Tucson, Phoenix and Las Vegas.

Longbrake pointed out that he had played a significant role in spearheading the growth of the family-owned business. However, they were stagnating. When the management Goettl indicated that they were ready to purchase the business at the start of 2015, Longbrake was hesitant to yield to their request. However, after hearing positive remarks from experts in the HVAC sector about the company and its owner, Ken Goodrich, he gave in to their requests.

Goettl’s purchase of Walton’s was finalized mid-2015. From the acquisition agreement, Longbrake was retained to work as the sales manager and double up as the field supervisor. Longbrake noted that since the completion of the acquisition, they have grown ten-fold. Goodrich said that Longbrake had integrated into Goettl’s culture almost immediately.

Even though the deal was closed two years ago, Goodrich did not make the announcement at the time. This is because of marketing complications and operational challenges within Walton’s. Goodrich pointed out that they wanted to sort out the entire situation before making the announcement. Both companies were able to navigate the complexities in the acquisition process. Goodrich believes that Watson’s would enhance the value of Goettl.

Goodrich noted that the two firms have similar values and backgrounds. He also added that although it was not growing at the time, he recognized that Walton’s was more of a platform company. For this reason, it will expand in the near future. Presently, Goettl has a workforce of more than 300 employees. Following the acquisition, the company is optimistic of adding 200 jobs in in Phoenix and Tucson, which are its largest markets. This information was originally mentioned on Biz Journals.

About Goettl

Goettl Air Conditioning is one of the pioneer companies in the provision of heating and air conditioning services. The company continues to build on its legacy that was started in 1939 when the Goettl brothers, Adam and Gust built the first evaporative cooler in the Phoenix area. Since then, Goettl has become one of the highly trusted firms in the industry. Goettl has been building on its strong foundation of innovation. This information was originally reported on Goettl’s website as explained in this link


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