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Handy’s Convenience is Good for Growth

Posted on 27 October, 2016 in Professional Cleaners

There are many reasons that Handy has grown to be a big online presence in such a short amount of time but, perhaps, one of the biggest reasons for the growth that they have seen is that they have provided a convenience that cannot be rivaled. They are convenient in the way that they allow homeowners to be able to search for house cleaners, in the way that they allow house cleaners to post their listings and in the way that allows people the anonymity of the Internet before they make a commitment to clean a house or have their house cleaned.

It hasn’t always been easy for people to find someone to clean their house. They either had to rely on different people who had used the cleaners in the past of sketchy websites that could possibly connect them with a killer after they have already searched for countless hours through thousands of listings. They needed to be able to find a house cleaner who was good at what they did, had a great way of doing things and who would not charge them an arm and a leg to be able to do the job.

House cleaners needed a solution for their biggest problem: advertising. According to, they are able to post listings about the services that they have and that allows them to show up to different people who are looking for the services that they need. It is a convenience that truly cannot be found anywhere else and something that is great for anyone who has ever had a small business.

Safety is key when connecting two different people in an online environment. Handy provides that safety. While they cannot promise that they will be able to ensure the security of the people after their website interaction is over, but they will provide certain levels of safety while the people are communicating online. This is something that cannot be provided by an ad listing site that is a free for all and has many different categories or by a site that is actually a social media website for people who are just trying to connect without doing business.



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