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How The RealReal Works for Everyone

Posted on 21 November, 2018 in Fashion

As technology evolves, we see new types of businesses popping up every day. Entrepreneurs have countless new options for the types of companies they can create. As consumers, its refreshing to see that there are new types of stores out there that give us options we may never have dreamed of. The RealReal is only a seven-year-old company with booming business and great options for its consumers, not to mention with decent job creation in its area.

The RealReal specializes in taking in high-end goods, namely clothing and accessories, in order to authenticate it and sell it less expensively than buying new. Everybody wins. Sellers are able to take advantage of making a little cash on items they no longer need; often, still with the price tag on. Buyers find a place to purchase posh accessories and articles of clothing while finding great deals. The company’s top selling brands are Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel, respectively.

The process is a simple one, overall, but involves detailed work in each division. Items are first received, unpacked, and sorted in the e-commerce center in Secaucus, where the overall condition is checked. If it generally looks good, and the receiving division believes it is something The RealReal would want to take, it is then sent on to authentication. Here, trademarks and other identifiers are checked to verify it is what the seller states that it is. There are specific sections for each type of accessory; for example, the staff includes experts in watchmaking and fine jewelry.

The item is then passed through copywriting, pricing, and photography. Each step ensures that the description is accurate and inclusive, that the price is fair and based on market value, and that the photos show exactly what the buyer will receive.

The items are then stored in the Secaucus location and sold online; however, the success of the company also includes several brick-and-mortar stores due to consumers’ love of The RealReal.

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