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James Dondero Teaming Up With Linda Owen, The Dallas Civic Leader, In Expanding Highland Capital Management Charitable Giving

Posted on 29 July, 2016 in Business Leaders, Business Partnership

Linda Owen joins Highland capital management as the manager of the charitable program for the organization. The president and co-founder of the Dallas-based Highland Capital Management company, James Dondero, has now teamed up with Linda Owen, the former chairperson of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation and former leader in providing strategic management to the philanthropic activities that Highland capital management is involved in. He is set to expand the charitable giving that the company is about to embark on.

James Dondero tweeted that he recognizes the need for a professional in the philanthropic activities. This is because they have decided to expand their charitable activities and they want to make a very great impact on society. Owen will be serving as the company’s helpful manager and will be operating in partnership with the Dallas Foundation, which will be administering the charitable giving that will proceed from Highland Capital Management Company.

Dondero said that now since they have expanded in their charitable giving, a dedicated professional is well needed to have the funds distributed a way that will bring the greatest impact to the society at large. He also says that Linda Owen has a well-proven track record of performance and is the suitable person to fit into that post. Linda has worked with private and public partnerships in Dallas and has her vision shared to make a tangible and immediate difference to the community at large.

Highland Capital Management Company has more than $3 billion dollars in assets. Through the Dallas Foundation. It also lays a very high focus on education as well as healthcare in the Dallas community. The local beneficiaries of the company’s charitable giving include the Perot Museum, the brain health center, the George Bush Museum and library and the Dallas Zoo.

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